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A lot of times, we’re left wondering where to go to for the weekend. That was a unanimous feedback we from from a lot of travelers. So we started building an engine which tells you where you can go within a radius around you.

And we’ve made it really easy for anyone. Here is how you do it:

Head over to

Step 1: Click on the “Discover Road Trips” tab on the homepage. You can select up to three destination types here. So you could hope to find a hill station which is a also known to be a pilgrimage.

Discover road trips on ScoutMyTrip


Step 2: Browse through the initial results. You can select up to three destination types. So if you’re looking for a beach which is also known for heritage, give it a shot!

Share your location on the browser or enter it in the home location field.


Step 3: Tweak the radius from your starting location. We all have our driving appetites. Personally, I would recommend something in the region of 200-300 for a weekend trip so have enough time to explore things along the way. Change the distance radius

Still confused on where to go? Tweet to us on @ScoutMyTrip

Till then, the weekend is almost here and you better find a place to go and leave the city far behind! 🙂


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