How to plan a road trip

Planning a road trip is exciting for us at ScoutMyTrip. We’ve always loved hitting the road and feeling the wind in our faces. Typically, when we start planning a trip, we start with an end point in mind. There was a time, when I personally just took the bike and picked a direction. I still do that once in a while but I would recommend starting with figuring how much time you have at hand.

Have a day? Or two? How many kilometers can you do in a day? 300? or 400? If you were Neeraj Sinha, you’d do a 1000 but he’s a crazy man.

So let’s say that you have a weekend and you can do around 200 kilometers comfortably with your family.

Step 1:

The first step would be discovering a place to drive to. While there are a lot of blog posts which talk about various destinations from big cities; you could go one level smarter – Discover road trips on ScoutMyTrip.



Step 2:

Find the ideal route. Once you’ve figured where to go, start crunching the route to take. Shorter distances don’t necessarily mean the best roads. We’ll eventually add the road conditions as a function to help you choose the best route for a road trip.


Step 3:

Find hotels at your final destination. Don’t wing it especially when you are traveling with family.


Step 4:

Be prepared with information on where the fuel stations, restaurants and other essentials are. India is a big country and there are stretches where you might not find fuel stations. The last thing you would want is an empty gas tank on a sunny day!

petrol pumps along highway

Notice the dry spells in between. Now you know where you need to tank before you hit those patches.

restaurants along highway

Notice the long patches where not enough places are around for you to find food.

Step 5:

Find all the things you can to do along the way. Why would anyone want to take a road trip and not see anything in between?


Step 6:

Find stuff to do at your destination. Why would you want to go to a place and sleep?

things to do at Saputara

Check out the places you can see when you get to where you have to.

Step 7:

Save the itinerary and hit the road!

Easy ain’t it? We recreated these steps on ScoutMyTrip for anyone to plan a road trip anywhere in India. While we’re constantly working on improving the features, do give us a shout with any specific requests you would want us to implement in the ultimate road trip planner.


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  1. I want to ride with friends in my safari towards north India with himalayas especially leh ladakh in july this year.
    i have 15 to 20 days in hand. how to plan a good trip

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