10 Best Places in India To Get Your Fill of Street Shopping

by Paripsa Pandya
street shopping in india

If there’s one thing that is loved by Indian and foreign tourists alike, then it is shopping in India. Each part of the country offers great buys, intriguing bazaars and hidden gems at pocket-friendly prices. Over time, lots of shopping streets have opened up in major hubs like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, etc which is why it is important for travellers to know the best places in India for street shopping.

Here are 10 best places in India for street shopping:

1. Chandni Chowk, Delhi

This one is not for the faint-hearted! All those hardcore shoppers who can navigate tiny lanes and handle maddening crowds must go check out Chandni Chowk. While you get several things in Old Delhi’s famous area, this is a great place for wedding shopping and trousseau shopping. Take your #BrideSquad to Chandni Chowk for all wedding outfit related shopping!

places in India for street shopping

2. Dilli Haat, Delhi

Aesthetic lovers rejoice! Dilli Haat is the place you must head to if you enjoy handicrafts, accessories and local crafts. Indulge in some much-needed shopping and browse through shawls, chunky jewellery, bohemian outfits and so much more at great prices! Culture nerds must bookmark this place and visit it when in Delhi!

places in India for street shopping

3. Arpora Saturday Night Market, Goa

If you’re done partying in Goa and want to now unearth its hidden gems, head to Arpora for the Saturday night market which begins after 6pm. Since it’s an extremely lively vibe, it is something you won’t find anywhere else. Choose from a wide variety of home decor products, affordable trinkets, cute outfits and much more, while enjoying the laidback vibe.

places in India for street shopping

4. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Since Colaba is one of South Bombay’s most famous streets, it’s no longer a secret. However, it is a classic when it comes to street shopping. From great footwear to exotic accessories and the best fashion jewellery, this is a haven for people who like to bargain! Colaba Causeway is the place you must be at after a long day in the Maximum City.

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places in India for street shopping

5. Commercial Street, Bangalore

As the name goes, Commercial Street is one of the best places in India for street shopping. You get everything from clothes and jewellery to home decor and antiques at great prices. The traffic might be an issue, so be prepared to ditch your vehicles and explore the area on foot for a truly memorable shopping experience.

places in India for street shopping

6. Hazratganj Market, Lucknow

When you think of Lucknow, you think of the irresistible Chikankaari fabric! While a trip to Lucknow is incomplete without some kebabs and lots of Chikankaari outfits, a shopping expedition in the city is incomplete without heading to Hazratganj Market. Gorge on some aloo tikki whilst buying some great fabric at affordable prices!

places in India for street shopping

7. Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur

The Pink City is a shopper’s delight and Bapu Bazaar is undoubtedly one of the best places in India for street shopping. From embroidered and printed kurtas to exquisite jhumkas and the classic juttis, this market has it all. Some stores even house great shawls that you must check out. Those looking for palazzos and skirts with indie prints can definitely find them here. Be sure to bargain well to get the best price for your products!

places in India for street shopping

8. Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

A visit to the city of pearls is only a successful one when you buy some pearls! Laad Bazaar, near Charminar, is one of the best places to shop from when you’re in the city. The market provides great variety in terms of jewellery, especially pearls. From real pearls to semi-precious ones and artificials pearls, there’s something for every taste and every budget in Hyderabad.

places in India for street shopping

9. Police Market, Shillong

If you love local crafts and enjoy splurging on souvenirs while travelling, you must make it a point to go to Police Market when you make a trip to Meghalaya. The entire region is famous for bamboo and cane products and you can choose from home decor products and accessories crafted entirely from bamboo and cane. This is a unique shopping experience because it is very difficult to find such products anywhere else in India! While you’re at it, make sure to sample some momos too!

places in India for street shopping

10. Tibetan Market, Ooty

Ooty is a tourist haven since a long time and while the lakes and the viewpoints are over explored, one aspect that is lesser known of is the Tibetan Market in Ooty. If you take your woollens very seriously, this is the place you must visit. The market is lined up with several local chocolate shops that you must visit! Those looking for warm blankets must also make some much-needed purchases here!

places in India for street shopping

Bookmark this post and keep it handy the next time you feel like going on an impulsive shopping holiday. If you need help planning your next escapade with the best local suggestions, Hire a Scout to ensure that your trip is convenient and you remain carefree!

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10 Best Places in India To Get Your Fill of Street Shopping
For those travellers who love shopping and buying souvenirs wherever they go, here are 10 best places in India for street shopping!
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