10 Iconic Bakeries in India That You Must Visit

by Paripsa Pandya
best bakeries in india

The holiday season is upon us and something that nobody can resist at this time is dessert! From gooey cakes to the classic plum cake and from delicious entremets to irresistible confectionery, we all crave sweets in some form. While there is no dearth of bakeries all over the country, there are some establishments that have survived the test of time by constantly providing quality desserts to food lovers. These bakeries in India have now achieved this cult status in their cities, making them ‘go-to’ places for travellers.

Here are 10 iconic bakeries in India that you must visit:

1) Kyani & Co. , Mumbai

One of Mumbai’s biggest cultural gems is its cluster of Iranian Cafes. Kyani & Co. is a cafe that has been visited, loved and cherished by locals and travellers alike, for decades now. Its varied menu, pocket-friendly prices and laidback Parsi vibe make it a great student hangout too. If you’re in Mumbai and are looking for something beyond your regular vada pav and pav bhaaji, you must sample cream rolls, cookies and mava cake from Kyani! Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

2) Wenger’s, Delhi

One of the many gems that Connaught Place boasts of is Wenger’s! It is a must-visit if you’re in Delhi. Over the years, the place has scaled up and it’s outlet is plush and welcoming. However, one thing that has remained common over the years is that the bakery is always brimming with visitors. While their pastries are incredibly popular, the vast menu ensures that there’s that one perfect dessert for everyone! Next time you’re on Delhi trip, make it a point to visit Wenger’s.

bakeries in india

3) Flury’s , Kolkata

Having been in operation since 1927, Flury’s is truly the most iconic place in Kolkata. From tea cakes and pastries to chocolates and puddings, this place has everything. While you cn definitely get desserts parceled, the alluring interiors will charm you into staying for a long time and enjoying the cosy vibe. If you’re a breakfast lover, you must not leave without trying their English breakfast.

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4) 31st January Bakery, Goa

If you’ve ever walked through Fontainhas, a picturesque old quarter in Goa, you must have passed through this bakery. The smell of freshly baked delicacies lures you to this age old establishment. If you’re looking for Goan bake products and desserts, this is the place for you. Make it a point to try their loaf cakes, biscuits and bebinca.

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5) Landour Bakehouse, Mussoorie

If you take your cakes as seriously as the Brits do, Landour Bakehouse is a place you must visit. Situated in Landour, Mussoorie’s lesser known twin town, this ages old establishment welcomes you with the aroma of coffee and freshly baked bread the moment you set foot in Landour. Their menu has been constantly updated over the years and consists of delicious cakes, crepes, buns and muffins. If you love eating alongside delightful interiors, this is the place you must visit.

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6) Vas Bakery, Mangalore

One of Mangalore’s longest running bakeries, this humble outlet gives you all the bang for your bucks. From delicious jam rolls and puffs to hearty walnut cakes and doughnuts, Vas Bakery has it all. From tiny eats to giant wedding cakes, this place has it all. If you’re in the coastal town and need to fulfill those dessert cravings, you know where to go!

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7) Smith Field Bakery, Chennai

While Chennai immediately reminds you Saravana Bhavan, Smith Field Bakery is a place that locals swear by. Having been around since 1885, this place is where the people of Chennai have been going to for everything from morning snacks to quick bites to delicious desserts. The no-frills eatery boasts of quality cakes, breads and hearty puffs. If you love the charm of old bakeries, this is a place that will make you tummy and your heart very happy.

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8) Kayani Bakery, Pune

Not to be confused with Kyani & Co. in Bombay, Kayani Bakery is an establishment that is a go-to for Punekars. Kayani Bakery is located in the immensely popular Camp area and it dishes out the best Shrewsberry biscuits, cream rolls and breads. You will always find this place filled with foodies who want to stock up on delicious treats. If you plan on visiting Pune anytime soon, make it a point to go here and stock up on their desserts!

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9) Karachi Bakery, Hyderabad

While there are several renowned bakeries in India, Karachi Bakery is one that stands out. Since its inception, the brand has continued to grow and you will find its outlets in major cities. However, the charm of the original Karachi Bakery in Hyderabad is unmatched. If you’re visiting the culturally rich city this new year, be sure to hit Karachi Bakery and indulge in their cookies to know what the hype is all about!

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10) Albert Bakery, Bangalore

This 117 year old establishment which is set in Bangalore’s Frazer town, begins dishing out lip-smacking treats at 5 am daily. From confectionery products to chicken puffs and cocktail samosas, Albert Bakery has been delivering quality to the people of Bangalore ever since it started. The bakery makes everything fresh and most of the snacks are over by 9am! If you love the aroma of freshly baked bread and creamy pastries, Albert Bakery is a place you must visit.

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My favorite is Yazdani Bakery. Do not be fooled by Yazdani Bakery’s modest exterior; it is a treasure trove for all lovers of food and history alike. Inside the 57-year-old café, you’ll find vintage posters, an antique clock and a traditional brass call bell. Being an Irani cafe, its Parsi dishes are obviously great, but Yazdani Bakery’s twelve-seed multi-grain bread and ginger biscuits that are specially made during the Christmas season are simply the best!


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