10 Incredible Konkan Beaches

by Arjun Dikshit
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It’s true that one must work hard towards achieving his/her goals. However, it is also true that one should take a break from their city-dwelling life once in a while and visit a place that serves as the perfect getaway. The Konkan coastline has the perfect experience to offer to individuals who are looking to unravel their worries away. The 720 kilometers long Konkan coast is filled with beautiful beaches, each better than the previous. The Konkan coast, which is protected by the Western Ghats on one end and the Arabian Sea on the other, is especially popular because it is well-connected with several cities despite being non-commercial by nature. We had covered a few places in our previous blog but here is a comprehensive list of the beautiful Konkan beaches that are a must visit.

Feel one with nature. Take a look at the top places to visit in Konkan coast

Ganpatipule beach

road trip to Ganpatipule beach

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Are you looking forward to taking a break from the city? Konkan coast’s Ganpatipule beach offers a perfect combination of beautiful shores, calming waves and the deep blue sea for this purpose. This comes at the top among the Konkan beaches along the Konkan coast, especially for pleasure seekers. There is a Ganpati temple situated right at the edge of the shore. Many believe that the idol of Lord Ganpati has been materialized out of the ground itself. It is incredible how perfectly shaped it appears to be. The idol’s features remain intact till date, which is what makes the presence more mesmerizing. This is also a popular weekend getaway from Mumbai.

Guhagar beach

road trip to Guhagar beach

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The Guhagar beach is actually more pristine by nature. It is also among the untouched shores across the Konkan coast. Since the beach is unexplored, one won’t find a lot of people to disturb the prevailing silence. The beach is located between the Vasishthi River and the Jaigad Creek, representing true Konkan beauty. A long series of Suru trees line up the hills surrounding the beach. There’s a small quiet town located five minutes walking distance away from the beach. The town is best known for its Alphonso mangoes, coir items, betel nuts, and coconut. One can easily reach Guhagar from Chiplun, making it well-connected by road. So, you need not worry about traveling.

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Velneshwar beach

Searching for Velneshwar beach is almost like looking for a hidden cove of treasure. It feels like the place had been protected by nature due to the abundance of rich scenery that it was providing. One can discover a series of coconut and palm trees around the region that further enhance the overall appearance of the place. Velneshwar beach, without a doubt, is one of the top must-visit Konkan beaches. Even though the beach is remote, one can easily access it from nearby cities of Pune and Mumbai. Enjoy peace, nature, and serenity like never before with Velneshwar beach.

Tarkarli Beach

road trip to Tarkarli Beach

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Tarkarli beach is located at the middle of Konkan coast’s Karli River and the Arabian sea. It is best known for its shimmering gold sand dunes, which is touched by crystal clear blue seas. The coastline is uninterrupted by any disturbance, thus, making it perfect for loved ones to spend quality time with each other. Another one of the reasons why Tarakali gained increasing prominence is due to the numerous adventure sports that it offers.

Diveagar beach

road trip to Diveagar beach

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Are you looking forward to absolute seclusion and calmness? Diveagar beach which is located in the Konkan coast is absolutely your answer. This beach is magical and has the ability to make you forget about the maddening life back at home. One can enjoy the unparalleled views of nature and the beautiful horizons from the beach. This is the kind of place that you need at once in a while in order to feed your soul. The best part about the place is that it is unspoiled. In other words, there aren’t too many resorts touching the place. Does this also mean that there aren’t too many tourists? In a time where all the possible beaches are flooded with crowds of people, this is certainly good news. What’s more? Taste the fantastic ethnic cuisine from the traditional dhabas around and enjoy the local experience.

Awas beach

Awas beach, much like the Dive Agar beach, is secluded and offers absolute privacy. One of the main reasons why Awas is among the must-visit places in the Konkan coast is because of the far-ranging blanket of pure green nature. Even though the place kisses the azure blue sea, the land is smothered with tall trees and plants. Enjoy the fresh air while you sip on some coconut water under the shade of nature. One may worry about entering a secluded beach, but don’t worry. The locals are quite helpful and make sure that your stay in their home is friendly and secure. The locals are quite simple and won’t really disturb you unless you create havoc in their homes. Don’t miss the mesmerizing view of the sunset from Awas beach.

Sasawane beach

Sasawane beach should be top in your list of must-visit Konkan beaches along the Konkan coast only because it’s undivided charm. Let’s put your mind at rest by informing you that the beach is highly accessible by nature. In other words, it is extremely easy to get to the beach through cities like Mumbai and Pune. The place is filled with cheap and well-maintained homestays. One of the best ways to experience the beach for what it truly is by staying at one of these places. Don’t miss out on tasting the delicious coastal cuisines from the local restaurants.

Malvan beach

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The Malvan beach can be found in the town of Malwan in Konkan coast, which can be found in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. One of the main reasons why the region has increasing prominence in the list of must-visit Konkan beaches along the Konkan coast is because of its cuisine and proximity. It is merely 7-kilometers away from another one of the famous beaches called Tarkarli. So if you’re visiting either one of the beaches then make sure that you visit both.

Shrivardhan beach

road trip to Shrivardhan beach

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Just as heavy as the name of the beach sounds, the experience is equally light-hearted and fun. If you’re looking forward to spending quality time with your loved ones, such as a picnic with children or just a weekend away with your parents then this is ideal. There are a lot of hotels surrounding the beach. Therefore, you can plan your stay at one of these places if you’re looking towards spending a weekend on the Konkan coast. Find a rich texture of black, gold and white sands at the Shrivardhan beach.

Harihareshwar beach

Harihareshwar beach is situated approximately three hours drive away from the city of Mumbai and Pune. For those who aren’t aware, the beach is an old coastal town, which is popular for its Shiva temple. The beaches are rocky for a change and are an absolute delight to explore as well. The Harihareshwar beach is singularly touched by the Savitri River, which has high religious importance as well.

These were some of the popular and beautiful Konkan beaches

The Konkan coast is the ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. Visit for an unforgettable time with your loved ones. You can always ask questions on Community forums for suggestions and road conditions. Also if you are planning a trip to another destination have a look at our packages section. You can further down the Konkan coast and visit the beaches of Goa or go on a Goa heritage road trip.

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