10 Things You Can Do On A Long Weekend

by Aparajita Mitra
10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

There were 14 possible long weekends in 2017. Given how most of us pretty much live for the weekends, a long weekend is the best time to take a break and do what we love the most. Here are some ways to make the most of the upcoming long weekends

1. Binge watch your favorite shows

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

Gone are the days of all-night movie marathons and back-to-back seasons of your favorite shows. Now all you end up pulling all-nighters for are review presentations and excel sheets. Spend the long weekend binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows or the new-age web-series or even the shows recorded on your set tops boxes! Netflix and chill, baby! 😉

2. Volunteer at an NGO

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTripImage Source

All of us often talk about something good and due to lack of time, we just donate to our favorite charities. Why not stop by your local orphanage, old age home, animal rescue center or any NGO of your choice, when you next have a long weekend? You could spend some time with the people there and leave with the feel-good vibes that would stay with you for a long time.

3. Try out a hobby/class

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

We get so caught up in our day to day lives, that our hobbies tend to take a backseat. Try picking up the guitar and strum a few tunes or stop by the pottery class you have been meaning to try out. You may discover a new talent or rekindle the passion for an old one. All work and no play did make Jack or even Jill a dull person! J

4. Get some quiet time

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

Our life is such a hustle-bustle of activities that we often don’t get enough ‘me time’, especially if you live in the larger towns and cities. Long commutes, work, family, social life and everything in between makes it difficult to get a few moments of alone time! Long weekends are the best time to catch some quiet time – Switch off your gadgets and just vegetate! Do something that relaxes you like reading a book, getting a massage, going for a drive or just sitting at your favorite spot, staring into oblivion. We could all do with embracing the susegaad way of living for a weekend.

5. Take a road trip

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

In these fast-paced times, road trips give the much-needed joy of traveling at your own pace and discovering new things along the way. No pressure to make it to the airport on time, no need to worry about overweight baggage and you can even bring your pets along. Take your family and friends along or just set out on a trip alone. No matter how you choose to travel, you will come back with memories that would last a life time! Find a road trip destination near you for the upcoming long weekend; Click here or simply Hire a Scout to help you plan your next road trip.

6. Cook a meal from scratch

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

Cooking is a life-skill that everyone should know. Take-out menus, food delivery apps, read-to-eat processed food, the household help who cooks and our family may have made cooking redundant for us. However, there is nothing more therapeutic than buying fresh produce, prepping a meal and making your family’s favorite dishes. There are so many Youtube cooking channels, cookbooks and food blogs imparting knowledge now. So why not serve your family a lip-smacking meal, lovingly cooked and served by you, right on your dinner table?

7. Get back to working out

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

Often between deciding what time to hit the gym and whether to skip the gym and just go for a jog/walk, the only exercise we end up getting is walking around our offices. So long weekends are a good time to get back to the gym. You could try out the Zumba class you have been eyeing or even go for the early morning Yoga class. It helps you to incorporate working out into your routine and reminds you how good it makes you feel. Maybe you would find it easier to go back even during the week!

8. Take up a project

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

Projects are not something most of us look forward to. We have the painters, carpenters, gardeners and other people to help us do anything we want. However, take this as an extension of your hobby or even something you would be proud to show off. It could be knitting a scarf, painting a wall of your drawing room or even something to help at home like clearing out the garage or helping with the garden. Trust me, it would leave you feeling accomplished and would definitely get you brownie points with the family!

9. Play a game

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

Nothing reminds us of our childhood more than the hours spent playing with our friends or even on our own. So get your friends together and play a game or two of cricket, football or whatever is your sport of choice. You could also fire up the PS4/Xbox/Wii that has been lying cold for a while and play a marathon round of your favorite console game. The key is to relax and feel like you have gone back in time, even if it’s just for a long weekend. You could follow it up with a siesta or a childhood treat that you have been abstaining from!

10. Sleep and recharge

10 things you can do on a long weekend - Go #aageseright - ScoutMyTrip

Whether you believe it or not, sleep debt is a real thing. Given our hectic schedules, we spend more and more hours of our lives awake and alert. Both the morning people and the night owls convince themselves that they can function on the few hours of sleep. Long weekends are a good time to catch up on that sleep and unwind.

We have given you a lot of things you could do on a long weekend. If you ask us though, the thing we love to do on a long weekend is travel. Road trips are the best way to relax while making more memories per kilometer. Do check out how easy it is to plan a trip or chat with us if you need assistance to plan a trip.

In case you can’t go through with planning the trip, let our Scouts help you!

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