15 Best Eco Tourism Road Trips In India That You Must Explore

Looking for the most unique vacation? Then your best bet is to plan an Eco tourism road trip to India.  India is one of the most visited countries in the world. This is largely because our country is a confluence of cultures and we are a heritage rich country.  Apart from visiting the country for culture, food and heritage; India has been making a conscious effort to promote Eco tourist friendly destinations.

Citizens can plan eco tourism road trips in India with the help of this guide. It determines the best eco friendly spots to visit in India. So get your bags ready to see the best eco tourist spots in India.

15 Best Eco tourism Road trips in India

Green tea plantations in the morning. Munnar, Kerala state, India

1.Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is located in the Western Ghats. It is one of the most frequented hill stations in Kerala. Tourists, both foreign and national head to Kerala every year. They go to see the famous tea estates to experience the lush green landscapes. They also go to see extremely endangered species. These include the Neelakurinji, a flower that matures every 12 years. Also, the Nilgiri Tahr, a species of goats that have curved horns and a bristled mane are quite an attraction here.

Image source: wikimedia

2.Thenmala, Kerala

Thenmala bags the prize for being India’s first planned Eco tourism destination. Located in the Kollam district, Thenmala is nestled amidst lush green forests in the Western Ghats. It also hosts a variety of activities for varied types of travellers. Make sure you walk the forest trails and enjoy the night camping activity to connect with nature. Moreover, there’s also something really cool you can see there; a traditional and original tree house occupied by the forest dwellers.

Image source : Wikimedia

3.Thodupuzha, Kerala

Thodupuzha appears among the least explored destinations in India. It is home to Thommankuthu waterfalls which is a seven-step waterfall and it is key to eco tourism in Kerala.Mr. Thommachen Kuruvinakunnel discovered this waterfall. He was a well known hunter,  way back in the year 1920, when eco tourism wasn’t even known as a form of tourism. The waterfalls, the lush greenery and the variety of fauna and mammals make for a very picturesque vacation. This can definitely be on the list of eco tourism road trips in India.

Image source : wikimedia

4.Matheran, Maharashtra

Matheran is an extremely frequented spot for short breaks. The Ministry of Environment declares it as an eco-sensitive area. The entire hill station is pollution free and is truly one of the best places to visit, away from the chaos. The hill station is located 2500 feet above sea level and is truly one of those places which can be included in the eco tourism road trips in India that you can go on.

Image source : Flickr

5.Kumbalangi, Kerala

This tiny little fishing community welcomes tourists right into their homes with open arms. Kumbalangi is located 15kms from Kochi and is an integrated tourism village project that helps you explore the culture and heritage of Kerala when you visit this island. Guests are welcome to opt for local home stays and sample the various fish delicacies offered here. One can also make a visit to the Kalagramam.

Image source: Wikimedia

6.Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Ever seen a clean village or city or town in India? We bet you haven’t and you won’t see it until you don’t travel to Mawlynnong in Meghalaya. Visit this place and you will be stunned at how clean this destination is. It is called the cleanest village in Asia and now we know why. The village is sprinkled with bamboo dustbins at every corner because the inhabitants like their surroundings clean. If you visit after the monsoons, you wouldn’t want to get back home,. This quaint little village is located in the East Khasi hills in Meghalaya making it part of the eco tourism road trips in India that you must explore.

Anjuna Beach famous tourist destination, Goa, India

7.Galgibaga beach, Goa

Goa is one of the most crowded destinations in India. Having said that, Galgibaga beach is considered India’s cleanest beach. This beach still remains unpopulated and secluded even during peak tourist season. The beach is well known for its turtle nestling. You may be lucky to spot the Olive Ridley turtle nests or eggs as a part of your eco tourism road trip to India if you travel here during winters.

Image source: wikimedia

8.Tyda, Andhra Pradesh

This destination is so unexplored, that it’s virtually a secret! Tyda is hidden in the Eastern Ghats at a height of approximately 700 mtrs. The destination has hordes of medicinal plants and a wide variety of other flora and fauna. Also, this region is home to many endemic animals and birds. Moreover, don’t forget to undertake activities like trekking and camping. Enjoy the forest trails while you’re there.

Image source: wikimedia

9.Chilika, Odisha

Chilika Lake is India’s largest coastal lagoon and the second largest in the world. The area is set on approximately 3500 square kms. It paves the path for a great number of migratory birds and a variety of animal species. You can easily spot the green sea turtles, blackbuck, Irawaddy dolphins, dugong, Indo-pacific tarpon, grey and purple herons, black headed-ibis, dalmatian pelican etc. The region is also filled with numerous wetlands. Ramsar Convention declared it as important and it’s an ideal hub for bird lovers and photographers.

image source: Wikipedia

10.Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, Sikkim

This is one of the few high altitude national parks in India. Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve ranges from an altitude of 1800 mtrs to 8500 mtrs. Also, it is the only national park in Sikkim. It is also home to a rich ecosystem that consists of streams, waterfalls, glaciers and lakes. Apart from this, it is home to a variety of birds, medicinal plants and animals. Some of the exotic wildlife species you can spot are the Himalayan Tahr, Red Panda, Himalayan Blue Sheep etc. Make sure you go trekking and camping to view the rich plant and animal life.

Image source: Wikimedia

11.Majuli, Assam

Majuli is the largest river island across the world. It serves as a  place for numerous species of migratory birds. However, the island has an extremely rich eco system.  It is also home to a variety of amphibians and has a rich agricultural base. You can even add this locale to your list of must-dine venues. Why you ask? It is because you can find authentic dishes of the Mishing tribe here. They are unique in flavours and taste and definitely a must visit if you’re planning eco tourism road trips in India.

Image source: wikimedia

12.Jotsoma village, Kohima, Nagaland

One of the remotest villages in the world is the Jotsoma village. It is unspoilt by development. Jotsoma village is filled with immense natural beauty and is one of the best eco tourism road trips in India that you can embark on. Located in the midst of indigenous territory in Nagaland, the village is home to a variety of tribal settlements,

Image source: wikimedia

13.Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Uttrakhand

This is another biosphere reserve on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Nanda Devi is located on an extremely high altitude and is a favourite destination for naturalists, leisure travellers and wildlife enthusiasts. You can visit the Valley of Flowers National Park and the Nanda Devi National Park here. The forest/valley has over 600 species of flowers, alpine trees and medicinal plants. This provides shelter to many endemic Himalayan birds and animals.

Image source: wikimedia

14.Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh

The Great Himalayan National Park spreads across an area of 1170 sq kms. It has an altitude beginning at 1500 mtrs and ranging to 6000 mtrs.  The UNESCO World Heritage site includes it in the list. You can find about 300 fauna species and many plant species here.

Himalayan mountain lake in Himalayas Tso Moriri (official name: Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve), Korzok, Changthang area, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

15.Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve, Ladakh

This reserve thrives on melted snow and natural springs surround it. You can find many species of birds and animals that possibly fall under the category of endangered species here.  In spite of Ladakh being a popular tourist destination, Tsomoriri remains untouched by humans. You can revel and relax in the abundant natural beauty that Ladakh has to offer. Its height is 14,836 mtrs above sea level.

India is a land of not only cultures, but a land of richness in bio diversity too. Your eco road tourism trip to India should definitely be on the cards now. Plan. Travel. Relax….all in the midst of the verdant nature India has to offer.

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