15 Efficient Driving Tips You Must Follow On Your Road Trip

by Paripsa Pandya
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While all vacations are memorable and enjoyable, there’s something about a road trip that makes it an unforgettable experience. When you’re on a road trip , the journey becomes as beautiful as the destination. Travelling in a car with your loved ones and experiencing changing landscapes is the definition of a good time. This makes it even more important to ensure that there are no bumps when it comes to your journey. To avoid those bumps, we want to share a few driving tips with you that’ll come in handy on your trip.

To begin with, major issues related to your car can be prevented if you check your car regularly and inspect it. Some of things that you could follow are :

1. You must check all oil levels once a week and the battery once in 15 days.
2. Pay close attention to the tyres- Air Pressure, Stone stuck between threads, Bulges on sides of tyres and Dents on Wheel rim.
3. Allow 120 seconds after starting the engine to allow oil to circulate. While the engine is warming up, check all lights and indicator.
4. Clear Wind screen- a dirty wind screen is blinding and hazardous.
5. Adjust your side mirror, use panoramic view adjust technique.
6. Check indicators for any unusual indications.
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When it comes to a road trip, you must be extremely careful and ensure that you drive safely. Here are a few driving tips to keep in mind:

1. Use both hands to hold the steering the maximum time. This is a driving tip that’ll offer better grip!
2. Get into the habit of looking through your windows at sharp turns.
3. The ideology of “HIGH SPEED HIGH GEAR– LOW SPEED LOW GEAR” ensures smoother and fuel efficient drive on a road trip.
4. Maintain Distance for efficient braking since sudden braking burns bit extra fuel and brake pads wear off sooner.
5. Lift and roll driving – Take the foot off the accelerator and drive for free on flat roads.
6. Turn off the engine for stops that last more than 60 seconds. It saves additional 10 to 15% fuel.
7. Avoid engine idle speed as this consumes more fuel.
8. On an Express way or while driving up or down hill, use apex driving technique and lower gear on curves and bends for max traction and improved centre of gravity to hold the car down. Practise this only on multi lane roads, not on a single lane road.
9. Drive slowly and avoid lane cutting on concrete roads since it causes a lot of friction and heat is generated.
10. Avoid negotiating smaller potholes, the car has shock absorbers to take the hit.. if a bigger pot hole or if there’s a slight step on the road, go relatively slow over it or look for a smooth spot.
11. Use both Hands on the steering wheel for the maximum time.
12. Avoid driving at twilight and night driving …ie DAWN and DUSK and if your are on the road, schedule a one hour pit stop during dawn or dusk.
13. While driving on sunny roads, use polarised sun glasses for a glare free vision
14. Allow people to over take you if need be. Don’t race with them!
15. Rest if you feel even slightly tired; a 15 minute power nap helps you to drive for upto 2 hours on your road trip.

By keeping these tips in mind while driving, you can ensure that your road trip is much more safer and much more memorable.

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15 Efficient Driving Tips You Must Follow On Your Road Trip
For all the travellers who enjoy driving, here are some driving tips you must keep in mind to make sure that you and your car have a good time!
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