4 Famous Hot Springs in India Which You Must Add To Your List

by Myra Naik
hot springs in India

Hot water springs are a fascinating natural phenomenon that you should definitely include in your travel plans. We don’t see them prioritized very often in trip schedules, and when people come across some of them, they’re always pleasantly surprised. Indeed, there are quite a few hot springs in India, and many are mineral rich, therapeutic and rejuvenating. Often present in otherwise freezing locales, they provide a welcome respite from the cold, and many also have healing properties.

How exactly are hot springs formed?

Rain seeps into the ground to form underground pools. When this groundwater is heated by magma and the surrounding rocks, it rises up to the surface. This geothermally heated ground water forms a hot spring. There are many such hot springs in India, so let’s learn more!

Famous Hot Springs in India That Are Worth a Visit

Many hot springs around the country, are, luckily, the right temperature for soaking into a luxurious bath. However, do note that some hot springs may have very high temperatures and as such it is advisable to do your research and be careful while visiting hot springs.

1. Tattapani, Himachal Pradesh

hot springs in India

Image source: wikimedia

Tattapani – the word literally translates to ‘hot water’. This beautiful hot water spring is one of the most popular hot springs in India, and with good reason. Tattapani is situated along the banks of the Satluj River, and is locally renowned to have healing properties. This hot spring has high Sulphur content, which locals believe helps relieve joint and bone pain, muscle aches, and stress. Plus, there are scenic views all round, so you have a stunning vista as well, while you’re relaxing in the hot water spring.

2. Manikaran Sahib, Himachal Pradesh

hot springs in India

Image source: Flickr

Located in the small town of Manikaran in Parvati Valley, this hot water spring is hugely popular with Hindu and Sikh pilgrims. It is a sacred site for both religions, and you will likely see many visitors at this spot. There is also a Shiva temple and Gurudwara nearby. Manikaran Sahib springs not only have a high Sulphur content, but also contain radioactive elements like uranium. This combination is said to provide relief to bronchitis, rheumatism and other joint and bone related ailments. It holds a unique place among the popular hot springs in India as the water here is often above boiling point, and yet it is suitable for people to take a dip here without facing any harm whatsoever.

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3. Panamik, Nubra Valley

A hot spring at a very high altitude of over 10,440 ft, Panamik is a traveler’s dream. It is a small village located in the quaint Nubra Valley, close to Leh and Siachen. People from neighboring villages visit Panamik regularly for the healing properties of the hot spring here. It is also a charming respite for travelers who are on an adventure, trekking through the terrain. In fact, there are separate pools for men and women, so visitors can relax and be at ease in their own spaces. This, like other hot springs in India, has a high Sulphur content. Panamik hot springs are reputed to heal skin disorders and other related ailments.

4. Kheer Ganga, Himachal Pradesh

hot springs in India

Image source: wikimedia

Kheer Ganga is situated in Parvati Valley, not far from Manikaran Sahib. You can trek from the village of Barshaini, through the Kullu forest, and end the day by unwinding in the relaxing hot springs of Kheer Ganga, with scenic views of the majestic Himalayas all around you. During the trek through the forest, you’ll be able to see the Shiva temple and Rudra Nag temple. In fact, you can also see the Spiti glacier and the Parvati river while enjoying the mineral rich hot springs of Kheer Ganga.

Like Panamik in Nubra Valley, Kheer Ganga also has separate pools for men and women to relax in relative privacy. While this would be a great day trip, it is also a wonderful option for overnight camping. You will be able to watch the sunrise over the glaciers and mountains, and spend more time in the hot springs too!

Visit Hot Springs in India on Your Next Holiday!

We hope we’ve given you some new locations to add to your next travel plan. Hot springs in India are both healing and refreshing, so why not incorporate them in your next holiday for some deep relaxation? Have you visited any of these hot springs? Or do you know of some hot springs in India that you think are even better, that you would like to recommend to us? We’d love to know! Do share it with us in the comments below!

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4 Famous Hot Springs in India Which You Must Add To Your List
Hot water springs are a fascinating natural phenomenon. There are quite a few hot springs in India, and many are mineral rich, therapeutic and rejuvenating.
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