4 GoPro Accessories You Must Invest In If You Love To Travel

by Paripsa Pandya
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One of the best things about road trips is that while you do experience the beauty of each destination, you get to lose yourself amidst the mesmerizing views along the way. While these views get etched into your memory forever, we all wish to capture them in some way or another, which means that it is essential to have a camera that can capture all the beauty and the madness of a good road trip. A lot of travellers these days are starting to bring along a GoPro or similar action cameras on road-trips.

It is crucial however, to have the right mix of mounts/accessories to have a smooth shoot and to get pictures that tell the real tale. So here are some GoPro Accessories that should prove to be handy on your next road-trip:

1. The Gorilla Pod + Ball Head Comb

A tripod/video rig/stabilizer – the Gorilla Pod can be used to get impressive angles when you’re stationary or on foot. In addition to that,if you get the Ball-Head/Video combo, you get a whole lot more possibilities.
The Original ‘Joby’ is the best here. It should set you back by around INR 3000 depending on the deals you can find.


2. GoPro Suction Cup


The Suction mount is useful for mounting the GoPro on flat surfaces, like glass and metal. So it is good for getting great ‘in-car’ footage or it can be mounted outside, on the bonnet/doors, etc.
The GoPro Suction Cup is a little on the higher side, setting you back by INR 3000-4000 bucks but it holds really strong. There are cheaper alternatives, but try at your own risk.

3. GoPro Jaws – Flex Clamp


The Flex Clamp is great for clamping the GoPro to a rod, handle or something like the edge of the table or the backrest of a chair. It can also be used to wedge the GoPro for a great ground level perspective, in a pinch.
Here, there’s a chance to save some money and go for a non-GoPro branded clamp, which will do 90% of the job, for half the price.

Hire A Scout

4. Manfrotto Compact MonoPod


Officially out-of-stock, but still available online, a Manfrotto MonoPod is a nice to have accessory for those in-the-moment selfies and hand-held video pans/ panorama stills. There are 2 variants in this, with the regular Compact one (priced at INR 1500 approx.) and an Advanced one (priced at INR 2600 approx.) The latter being compatible with a standard DSLR + 200mm lens.

The list of accessories/mounts for the GoPro is nearly endless. The 4 discussed above, along with the standard mounts/adapters that come bundled with the GoPro, should be enough for getting spectacular snaps and videos on your road-trips.

With these accessories in your camera bag, you know you are going to get shots that will break the internet! Now is the time to plan your next road trip and put these accessories to use. Better yet, Hire a Scout to plan your next escapade in the most seamless manner.

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4 GoPro Accessories You Must Invest In If You Love To Travel
For all those who love travelling and documenting their journeys, here are some GoPro accessories you must have for your next road trip!
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