4 Reasons To Attend The Taj Mahotsav Festival in Agra

by Shalini Mimani
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The most awaited festival of Agra Tourism – The Taj Mahotsav is a 10-day annual extravaganza. It portrays the rich cultural heritage of our country and showcases the finest specimens of Indian craftsmanship. This festival of art and culture takes place amidst the monument of love, The Taj Mahal. Agra tourism organizes this carnival every year at Shilpgram, near the eastern gate of Taj Mahal. This year, it will begin on 18th February, Tuesday and ends on 27th February, Thursday.

The festival begins with a grand procession of Elephants and Camels. They are brilliantly decorated with drum beaters who are adorned with finery. Agra tourism also includes immensely talented folk artists and master craftsmen. They possess remarkable specialization in their respective fields.

The Taj Mahotsav in Agra is a celebration of excitement. You can witness memorable performances by some of the most renowned classical artists in the country. These artists put up mesmerizing song and dance performances that will leave you spellbound. Folk artists are an integral part of the Taj Mahotsav too. You can experience the Sapera dance of Rajasthan, the Lavani of Maharashtra, Nautanki and more.

So let’s look at some of the reasons why you must attend the Taj Mahotsav.

1. Art and craft

The Taj Mahotsav presents a plethora of various sorts of craft from all around the country. The beautiful artifacts it showcases are ‘Wood carvings’ from Saharanpur and Tamil Nadu, ‘Paper mash’ from Kashmir, ‘Bamboo work’ from the South, ‘Brass and metal wares’ from Moradabad, ‘Marble & zardozi’ work from Agra, ‘Pottery’ from Khurja, ‘Silk and zari work’ from Benaras, ‘Chikan work’ from Lucknow, ‘Handmade shawls & carpets’ from Kashmir and Gujarat, and hand printings from Farrukhabad and Bengal’s well known Kantha stitch, are the attractions of the artists during this course. In short, Agra tourism makes sure to present the whole of India in front of you.

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2. Dance and music

The Taj Mahotsav is famous for its mind-boggling performances, brimming with enthusiasm and energy. The music and dance acts representing different walks of life are sure to cast an overwhelming spell on the viewer.

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Agra tourism includes traditional dances of various regions of India, especially the enthralling performance of Brij Bhumi. It is the highlight of the festival since this folk dance is an exact replica of centuries ago. You can also experience a celebration of various folk dances. Not only does Taj Mahotsav encourage artists from India, but Agra tourism welcomes classical, semi-classical, and folk artists from even abroad for this carnival.

One of the best parts of this is that, the Uttar Pradesh State Aids Control Society uses these folk dance performances as a medium to spread awareness about Aids. The Musical performances also include soulful and mesmerizing performances from some of the best classical and folk artists in the nation. Music and dance are kind of the biggest charm of this carnival.

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3. Food

Well, no festival can ever be complete without good food. The famous Mahotsav pampers your taste buds with a vast variety of lip-smacking delicacies. These scrumptious dishes make it the perfect spot from food lovers from all over. You get to relish some of the most exotic cuisines from every corner of India while enjoying the mind captivating aroma of these preparations while they’re being cooked. Besides that, you get to experience some of the rare and rich variety of local food, prepared within the interiors of Uttar Pradesh.

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4. Funfair

Agra tourism brings to life the biggest attraction, the Funfair to life. The fair is something that children and adults enjoy alike. There are so may adventure rides that offer amusement for each kind. The adults love to ride the roller coaster, while the kids enjoy the smaller rides. There are also animal rides like elephant and camel rides. The Ferris wheel at the fair is something that isn’t supposed to be missed, as it’s one of their best rides. By adding such amusement and thrill, the funfair makes the festival into a wholesome event.

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How to reach?

Since Taj Mahotsav is hosted within the city of Agra, reaching there isn’t difficult. The nearest railway station is Agra Cantt, from where you will find various vehicle options to the fest zone. The nearest airport, Kehria airport, is also just 13 kilometers away, with options of a lot of commercial flights from Delhi to Agra. Besides, if you don’t stay very far from the state of Agra, you can even drive to the town and enjoy this amazing festival. The road connectivity and conditions, especially Delhi to Agra highway, are really up to the mark, so you shouldn’t face any difficulty in your road trip.

You can’t find a better time to visit Agra, and hello, the Taj Mahotsav by Agra tourism is right around the corner. So what are you waiting for? Plan your travel and witness this out of the world festival.

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4 Reasons To Attend The Taj Mahotsav Festival in Agra
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