5 Interesting Road Trip Games for Kids

by Ashana Jha

Family road trips are a great way for families to bond. Families with kids, however, do need some amount of entertainment during their journey, just to keep the kids engaged.  To keep kids engaged is a task and parents need to be well prepared with engaging activities. The whole idea of going on a road trip is to have fun as a family.

Having said that, road trip games for kids during travel can keep them occupied and can also give parents a break from constantly monitoring their children. On that note, here are five interesting road trip games for kids:

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1. Road Trip Bingo:

bingo game


A very simple road trip game that requires kids to be  observant of what they see on the road. When the child sees a particular thing on the road and it also happens to be on their bingo card, they must strike that off. Then simple bingo rules come in. Laminate your bingo cards and provide your kids with dry erase markers to make the bingo cards reusable.

Another game on similar lines to that of Bingo is ‘I Spy‘. Here you don’t strike things off a card but just spot something and ask your kids to guess all possible items that fall under that particular letter. It’s a guessing game and it can go on for as long as you want.

Note: Markers given to children below the age of 5 means mass disruption of your car seat covers! So indulge at your own risk.

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2. License Plate Checklist:

license plate checklist



A very fun road trip game where you try to find license plates from different states; 29 in case of India. It’s highly unlikely that one will find all the states but the fun part is seeing how many states the kids can find. The beneficial thing about this road trip game is that it’ll strengthen your child’s understanding of abbreviations for States, making it an educational game as well.

3. Mad Libs:

mad libs


Kids are really creative when it comes to their imagination. They also tend to add humor to their little stories as their thought process is such. This road trip game allows them to enjoy both. One player will start to tell a story with certain blanks. Other players will fill in the blanks with whatever words/ideas they wish to. The potential for this game to turn comical and nonsensical is always high, guaranteeing a good time. It is always good to encourage thoughts that flow freely to lighten any situation. For e.g. if your child has road sickness or isn’t keeping well or is plain bored, humor will come to your rescue!

4. The Banana Game

banana game


Another road trip game that requires a high level of concentration from your kids is the Banana games. Each time the player spots any type of vehicle that is yellow in colour, they must yell Banana and this gets them a point. The player with the most points at the end of it obviously wins.

You can add your own variations to the game by changing the game and making it ‘Find the Car’  or may be change the color yellow to Red or anything of your choice. Under this you substitute yellow/red cars for a specific car model instead. This variation can come in handy if your kids are slightly on the older side and don’t wish to play the easier version. So keep in mind both the levels of difficulty.

5. Tunnel

Tunnel game


This is a very simple road trip game to play and quite handy if you don’t wish to play a game that’s never ending. So what you need to do is, every time the car enters a tunnel, everyone other than the driver holds their breath. The person who holds their breath the longest wins. It isn’t as easy as it seems so give it a go and post your comments below.

These road trip games for kids will certainly make your trip a very memorable one! And we at ScoutMyTrip are at your service for anything you need because We Help You in Making Memories Per Kilometer. Come Mark and Embark with us as there’s nothing like a well planned trip and we are definitely good at that!

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Happy Road Tripping!

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