South India also is known as Peninsular India or Deccan India covers most of the part of peninsular India. The word “Deccan” is an anglicized form of the word “Prakrit” derived from the Sanskrit word “Dakshina” meaning south. The states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka collectively form South India.

These states are bordered by the colossal Eastern and Western Ghats; Western Ghats is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fresh and crisp air that caresses your face the moment you enter the boundaries of South India is the greatest discerning factor than the rest of the country and fills your heart with a childlike glee on eyeing the paddy fields. The quaint countryside while taking a road trip down South is a feeling that for sure cannot be put into words.

The infrastructure in the Southern part of India is better than the rest of India with well-built roads and great inter and intrastate connectivity. This road trip down South is hence the best gift for your soul and mind and this trip is a combination of panoramas, adventure, scenery, and incredibly delicious local food. So folks, if you are looking to recharge your batteries, rejuvenate your soul, then get your cameras out and put on some music to go with your mood while we curate this list of top five road trips to take down South.

Here’s a list of places you must visit down South

1. Chennai to Pondicherry

trip to Pondicherry

This stretch of 160 kms is pure bliss and will top your list, best experienced on a cruiser bike. This stretch passes through Mahabalipuram (known for its exquisite natural beauty), Kalpakkam (the famous nuclear site of India), Idaikkazhinadu (the site of the majestic Alambara Fort), Mudaliarkuppam (one of the few water sports sites in India) and Marakkanam (boy!!! those uber large salt pans stretching as far as your eyes can see).
This road trip stretch down South from Chennai to Pondicherry is a natural marvel and nature does not cease to impress at every turn, making you snap your cameras every few minutes. The icing on the cake is the sea that runs on one side of the road and is a sight to behold in itself. The changing color of the sun and the changing moods of the sea leave an impression like none other. This road trip is surely going to leave each one of you feeling like a butterfly fresh out of its cocoon.


2. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley


Well, none in the entire human race has never witnessed what Heaven must feel like. Whilst you set out on this heavenly stretch of 166 kms and for the very first time and lay your eyes on the spot where the Bay of Bengal merges with the Eastern Ghats, you will most likely heave a sigh and marvel, “this is what heaven must exactly look like!”. The pristine beauty of this place is unlike any other and surreal to the point where you actually have to pinch yourself to make your brains process all that your eyes are seeing.
This stretch takes you through Borra caves and Tatipudi Reserviour while gently leading the way to the mystic Araku Valley. The serpentine roads ( a common sight whilst you take a road trip down South), gentle elevation and lush green forests in the hills all along the way will leave you yearning for more. The ideal time to visit this region is between October and March

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3. Bengaluru to Bandipur Forest

camping in Bandipur Forest

A road trip in India is always incomplete until it passes through an expanse in the wild. What can compete with the picturesque Bandipur Forest route of 235 kms. Good company and tasteful music are all that one needs to make the most of the trip. Try and keep your eyes open for the deer and other animals while you are on the road. They are always ready to hop on and happily bounce off to the other side. This stretch while taking a road trip down South is sure to beckon the adventure junkie within you.


4. Pamban Bridge (Rameshwaram)

Pamban Bridge

“Pamban” the word is enough to strike a chord with all those SRK and Deepika Padukone fans out there. Yes you guessed it right, this is the same Pamban from the laughter riot we remember as “Chennai Express”. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly with an expanse of endless blue beneath you? This bridge, 13.5 kms in length makes you feel like a bird. Imagine the feeling of being able to glide effortlessly while eyeing the expanse of blue and green. This bridge is like a pilgrimage in South India for every bike lover. Only a biker alone knows the ultimate bliss of feeling the wind in their hair.

5. Chennai to Munnar

Explore Munnar

Is the sickly heat and humidity of Chennai weighing you down? Wait no more and gear up to take this ride to Munnar. This 10-hour journey of approximately 600 kms is worth every ounce of effort. Almost the whole expanse is lined and dotted with tea gardens. Situated at a height of around 1,600 meters you can feel the instant drop in temperatures around you. This for sure is a welcome change from the sweltering coastal heat in Chennai. In addition, Munnar is a perfect hiking destination in South India. If the Goddess of Luck decides to shine on you, then you can also spot the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. While in Munnar, chase the Lakkam Waterfalls and chase the surreal sunset from the Anamudi Peak.

Hope this carefully curated list of the top five road trips to take down South will entice you enough to abandon the couch and hit the roads. If you want to know of more places or need help with planning a trip to any of these places, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. We will surely help you with all we can and take you #AageSeRight.


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