5 Street Food Delicacies of Indore That You Must Try At The Famous Chappan Bhog Market

by Myra Naik

Street food is an integral part of any culture and community. In India, it is a great indicator of all the cultural and foodie influences on any given region. Similarly, the street food of Indore is also a wonderful experience. Chappan Bhog in Indore should definitely be on your list of places to eat at in Indore. Did you know, Chappan, Indore, is not just one place, but actually a collection of 52 food shops that has something for everyone’s taste buds!

While Indore has many other beautiful places to see, today we will be talking about Chappan Bhog Market, specially for all you foodies out there!

Chappan Bhog Market – Delightful Street Food of Indore

This amazing market is open from 4 am to 11 pm every day, so drop by for early morning deliciousness or a late night snack. Hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not spend the whole day experiencing the variety of treats on offer? You will find food from all over India represented right here in this market. So it’s no wonder that people call Indore the street food capital of India.

Here are some dishes you should try, so you can fully experience the street food of Indore:

1. Poha

street food of Indore

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Poha is a traditional Indian breakfast food that many love and associate with home and comfort. It is made of flattened rice, with onion and spices and a squeeze of lemon. However, poha in Indore in different. It is on the slightly sweeter side, and they add saunf to it. It is a uniquely Indori creation and a must try street food of Indore. You will also find a variant called Usal Poha. This combines the poha with a spicy usal gravy, onions and sev. It is absolutely mouth-watering and makes for a great breakfast. Indoris are very proud of their poha, and when you try it, you’ll realize why!

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Where: Anywhere in Chappan Market!

2. Jalebi

Poha-jabeli is actually considered a traditional weekend breakfast in Indore. The jalebis in Indore are a bit different from those in the rest of the country. While India usually has thin, crisp, brightly colored jalebis, Indore proudly differs. Their jalebis are much thicker, no added color, and soft as opposed to crisp. It makes a perfect accompaniment to Indori poha and is also a delicious treat just by itself. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be happy to know that the jalebis here are also comparatively larger than what you might be used to! In fact, some are 4 times larger than a jalebi, and are called jalebas! Rejoice, stock up, and take some back home!

Where: Anywhere in Chappan Market!

3. Kopra Pattis

street food of Indore

Another uniquely Indori dish, you will find this when you visit Chappan Bhog Market. No list of street food of Indore would be complete without mentioning Kopra pattis. It is made of chopped and shreeded coconut, covered in potato, and fried. It has a potato shell with a sweet filling, served with chutney and sev. It is a unique combination of flavors and you must try it at least once.

Where: Vijay Chaat House. They actually have many different variants, so try those too apart from the kopra pattis.

4. Hot dogs

street food of Indore

Another must try street food of Indore, these hot dogs are unlike anything you may be anticipating. The mutton hot dog and potato hot dog are the most popular variants. Thick patties wrapped in a bun and served with chutney, you will find these delectable treats only at Chappan Bhog market in Indore. It is a very simple yet extremely satisfying dish, and you will surely think about it once you’re back home from your Indore road trip.

Where: Undoubtedly, Johnny Hot Dogs. It is an institution in it’s own right and should definitely be on your list of places to eat at in Indore.

5. Shikanji

Just like the jalebis, even the Shikanji in Indore is very different from what you might be used to. When you think of shikanji, you might think of a refreshing, lemon or lime based, summer drink. However, the Shikanji in Indore is uniquely different! It is a creamy, milk based treat, which is very rich and full of nuts and dry fruits. You can get many different flavors too, apart from the plain milk/cream/yogurt based one. Try varieties like mango, badam, kesar, dry fruits, masala, and so much more!

Where: Shree Jain Kanchan, and many other outlets across Indore.

More about street food in Indore

These are some of the most popular and much-loved dishes in Indore, and they’re all available in Chappan Bhog Market! In addition to Chappan Bhog, foodies can also visit the Sarafa Night Market, near Rajwada, and Rambag. The street food of Indore has much to offer, and Chappan Market is the very best example of it.

We hope you learnt more about the street food of Indore and got some ideas about places to eat at in Indore. What food or place on this list are you most excited about? Have you visited Indore and tried the delicacies at Chappan Bhog market? If yes, what was your favorite food? What can you recommend to us? Do share your experiences and tips with us in the comments below.

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