5 Unexplored Islands in India For Every Beach Lover

by Shalini Mimani
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Every island to a ‘wanderlusting’ soul is like a treasure island. Travelers seek out silence and peace to be able to immerse themselves in the true purpose of traveling. Sadly, the hill stations and beaches have become overly crowded in India. The islands in India are, however, hidden gems. The ‘common man’ is unaware of most of these islands.

As a result, these islands in India have become a true haven for these true peace seeking travelers. These islands are a true gift of nature. It is in fact a perfect chance to enjoy Gods true creation that was pure and beautiful.

Here is a list of 5 unexplored islands in India

1. Divar Island

Divar island in Goa is very close to Panaji Island. It’s history dates back to the time when the plague hit Old Goa leaving behind ruins of what was previously a flourishing city. The island has returned to its former glory now and is easily accessible from the ever-crowded Panaji Island by ferries.

The island is like a walk back in time and number one in our list of unexplored islands in India. This beauty remains hidden to the crowds in Goa and is a striking contrast to the ever-crowded streets and beaches of Goa. The island comes to life during the festivals of Bonderam and Potekar in the month of August and November and is a treat to the eyes. During this time, the locals flood the streets and take an active part in the festive galore. The best time to visit is between May to November.

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2. Quibble Island

Next on our list of the unexplored islands in India is the Quibble Island in Tamil Nadu. The island is formed by the culmination of Adyar river and its tributaries. Quibble Island is the largest island among the four islands created by the river. The island is easily accessible from Chennai but is free from the maddening Chennai crowd.

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The island is located in the southern stretch of the Marina beach and is well known for being the resting place of J. P. Chandrababu, an iconic actor. The best time to visit the island is from October to March.

islands in India
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3. Munroe Island

Munroe Island in Kerala is third in our list of unexplored islands in India. It is an unexplored gem in the backwaters and comprises of a cluster of eight islands. The island is at a distance of about 27 kilometers from Kollam but is easily accessible by rail or boats.

The island is famous for its canal cruises and narrow waterway rides. In fact, Munroe Island hosts the famous Kallada Boat race held during the festival of Onam every year. The island is truly an escape from the constant chaos of everyday life.

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4. Hope Island

Hope Island in Andhra Pradesh is a true epitome of positive and good vibes. The island dates back to almost 200 years and is a result of unique sand formation in the area. The island is easily accessible by road from the town of Kakinada via a boat which takes you to the main island. The months between June and August are the best months. If you want to enjoy the best nature has to offer, Hope Island is a must-do in the list of unexplored islands in India.

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5. Thinnakara Island

Last but not the least on our list of unexplored islands in India is Thinnakara Island in Lakshadweep. It is one of the most alluring islands in the Lakshadweep archipelago. The island is unpolluted and free of the daily drudgery of life. The crystal clear waters lets you explore marine life up-close and uninterrupted. You can walk for hours along the beach lined with palm trees and still be in awe of the island.

The whole island is brimming with flora and fauna alike. An hour away from Agatti, the island is best suited for a vacation during the months of October to May.

islands in India
image source: wikipedia

Someone has truly remarked, “you can shake the sand from your toes but never from your soul”. Pack your bags and get ready to enjoy these unexplored islands in India while they are still unexplored. If you need any assistance, feel free to hit us up on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. Better yet, Hire a Scout to enjoy a trip with your loved ones.

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5 Unexplored Islands in India For Every Beach Lover
Every island to a 'wanderlusting' soul is like a treasure island. Come explores these 5 hidden islands in India while they are still 'hidden'.
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