5 Ways Sustainable Tourism is More Than Environmental Factors Alone

by Srujana Vuppuluri
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Travellers around the world are consciously moving towards sustainable tourism. People want to visit places that are undisturbed by mankind and enjoy that place’s local habitat. More and more people are choosing ways to leave less carbon footprint during their travel. However, sustainable tourism is not just about preserving and protecting the environment. It is much more than that. It is a way of making a positive impact on the economy and society along with the environment. 

Here are 5 ways by which sustainable tourism is more than just the environment

1. Accommodations

Choosing to opt for local homestays as your accommodation is a great way to boost local employment. By staying in such places, it helps an entire community with their livelihood. When travellers stay in such places and share about them on social platforms these places get visibility and an opportunity to get chosen by other travellers. Also, staying in such places is a great way to interact with the locals and know more about local culture. You get a true feel of the place. You get to learn a lot about the place as well. This definitely contributes to sustainable tourism in a big way!

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2. Public transportation

27% of pollution is caused by vehicles. By choosing to use public transportation you will be helping the environment and supporting the local economy. Using public transport would be both convenient and fun. You get to explore a new place like a local with the locals. The locals you travel with can prove to be excellent guides. They can tell you a lot about the place and give you pointers on must-see places in that area. Using public transport is a great way to promote sustainable tourism.

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3. Shopping

Shopping in local markets is another way to contribute to society. By picking items that are developed in the area helps boost the local economy of the place. If every traveller is conscious of buying local produce, artefacts and other locally manufactured items, they can contribute towards uplifting the society. Every place is usually famous for a particular product and while choosing to shop at local markets you can save money as well. 

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4. Food

Food is the second thing that people spend the most on while travelling. Street food is a great option while travelling. It is pocket-friendly and very authentic to the place. Enjoying local cuisine will let you experience the place better as food tells a lot about a place. By choosing to eat at local vendors, you will help empower them and give them an opportunity for a better life. By spreading a word about them, you will give them a much-needed promotion. So, next time you are travelling and eat at a local vendor don’t forget to let your social media friends know about it as it will only boost sustainable tourism.

Hire A Scout
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5. Hiring local guides

Hiring local guides while travelling who can help you with creating an itinerary is always a good idea as they know everything about the place. Several travellers today are going with this option and several websites are able to hire local guides to help their customers have good travel experience. These websites are providing employment to thousands of people across the country. One such website that has received an award from the Government of India in this regard is ScoutMyTrip.

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So, let us be smart travellers and opt for these sustainable options for our next trip. If you know of more ways to contribute to sustainable tourism, please mention it in the comments section below.

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5 Ways Sustainable Tourism is More Than Environmental Factors Alone
Sustainable tourism isn't only about protecting the environment. There is more to it than you know. Read more and find out all there is!
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