5 Ways To Enjoy A Road Trip When You Hire an Outstation Taxi

by Paripsa Pandya
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While the economy keeps getting bigger, cities keep expanding, our travel times too keep increasing. Since our daily commute keeps getting longer, we spend a lot of energy driving to work daily. Hence, when it comes to travelling, we opt for convenience. This comes in the form of outstation taxis.

Be it flying to a destination and travelling from there or going by road all the way, hiring an outstation taxi is a great decision. Since you don’t have to worry about driving the car, you can focus your energy on relaxing and exploring. However, while the convenience is great, you must also try to get an outstation ride that is value for money.

Here are 5 ways to make the most of a road trip while travelling in an outstation taxi:

1. List down everything you wish to see

When we go on road trips, we often have multiple stops to make. While spontaneity is great, it might cost you if you wish to suddenly take a detour and drive in a completely different direction! Hence, a little planning goes a long way. If you simply list down all the points you wish to visit, you can plot them all on a map! This gives you the shortest possible route which will help you minimise the cost you pay per kilometre while exploring all the places you love!

2. Schedule regular rest stops and petrol stops

While it is important to know what all sights you want to see, one of the mandates you must abide by while travelling in an outstation taxi is to stop for fuel and food. If you forget to keep note of where to stop for fuel and refreshments, you might have to take longer detours to fulfill those needs, not to forget that you miss out on the required amount of rest you and your driver need. Stopping at regular intervals while hiring an outstation taxi ensures that your journey is a comfortable one. Better yet, check out our planner and add pitstops to your journey beforehand.

3. Spread your plan evenly throughout the day

Sitting in a car for 10-12 hours straight and seeing spots one after the other makes the journey tiring. One of the best things you can do to maximise your travel experience as well as make it comfortable for the driver is to break your daily plan into smaller parts. You could go to an early morning sunrise spot after which you relax for sometime followed by sightseeing late in the day and post lunch you could head out again. This way, your chauffeur gets some rest and you get some too!

4. Drive overnight to save on time

When you have to drive while travelling, one of the biggest hurdles you face is that you must make overnight stops because you don’t want to tire yourself. But if you only have a few days at hand and are travelling by an outstation taxi, you can choose to make one overnight journey so as to make the most of the destination you visit the next day. This comes to be of great help in cases where the distances are long and you don’t want to waste time by halting randomly each night.

5. Choose to hire when it’s difficult for you to self-drive

One of the biggest things outstation taxis come with is a driver who is experienced and an expert at driving. This expertise comes in handy when you’re on mountainous terrain, driving with a cliff on one side or off-roading through jungles. A skilled driver can navigate efficiently through all these places and make sure you remain safe and carefree. You can opt for a car rental service like Savaari where the chauffeurs are well trained and meet the requirements of a traveler. To make it more exciting, you can use the code ‘SCOUT300‘ to avail a discount of INR300 off on a minimum purchase of INR5000.

Hence, you must invest in the right car rental service when you visit places that might be difficult for you to self-drive through.

Hiring an outstation taxi comes with its own costs, sure, but it promises you a much more safer, responsible and memorable experience. Opt for an outstation taxi the next time you want to sit back and unwind on a journey, with your loved ones. If you need help planning your next big escapade, Hire a Scout now!

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