5 ways to make your road trip eco friendly

by Aparajita Mitra
eco-friendly road trip

We could all do with spending time out in the open, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Our lives are getting progressively busier, so much so that we have quite literally forgotten to stop and smell a rose, sometimes even if the flower is in a vase on our table. Road trips are a great way to connect to nature. When you plan your route on ScoutMyTrip, you can find and add pit stops that bring you closer to the flora and fauna around you. We all know small and effective ways to be environment-friendly when we are at home. Being responsible and eco friendly on your road trips also goes a long way in leaving the natural wonders pristine and keeping your carbon footprint in check while you enjoy your vacation.

5 ways to make your road trip eco-friendly

5 ways to make your road trip more eco friendly.

1) Servicing your car

5 ways to make your road trip eco friendly

A well-tuned vehicle is more fuel-efficient and hence, comparatively environment-friendly. You must get your vehicle serviced and thoroughly checked before you set out on a trip. This means that you get the tyres rotated/replaced, air filters cleaned, transmission inspected, fluids & brakes checked, oil changed and even get the spare tyre checked. A well-maintained car also ensures less spending on fuel and a safer trip.

2) Route Planning

5 ways to make your road trip eco friendly

Planning your road trip before setting out has many benefits. It helps in mapping the most efficient route and figuring out the petrol pump, restaurant and toilet stops on the way. This prevents needless circling around on roads and constant usage of mobile apps to figure out your next move. It also enables you to use the ‘Cruise control’ feature of your car and stay at a steady speed. All of it eventually leads to better fuel-efficiency.

3) Packing and Loading luggage

5 ways to make your road trip eco friendly

Loading your car with luggage, especially on top of the car, can reduce the fuel efficiency significantly. Making a list of things you need and packing just those things will help in keeping your load in check. Keep the things that you might need during the course of your trip handy within the car, to prevent frequent stops to take things out of the trunk. Always carry a box/bag to collect all the trash you generate, especially when you are near natural wonders where garbage bins are not always available. You can empty them into the trash cans when you find one.

4) Digital Detox

5 ways to make your road trip eco friendly

The best way to really reduce your carbon footprint and connect with nature is to disconnect from the world. Electronic devices including all your communications devices consume a lot of electricity. Get off social media, don’t check your emails or answer calls, carry a physical book instead of your e-reader. The feeling of FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out) is quite rampant and if a complete detox seems difficult, at least consider reducing your digital availability to 1-2 hours a day. You will certainly feel the difference and come back refreshed.

Hire a Scout

5) Minor Travel Hacks

When taking a trip in a group, you must carpool and take fewer vehicles. This make the trip more fun and reduces overall environment impact.

Research local restaurants and support farm-to-table food establishment. When you buy local and enjoy in-season food, not only are you helping the local economy but also putting less pressure on the restaurants to carry items not locally available.

Please keep in mind that any packaging and disposable utensils that you trash eventually ends up in a landfill or the sea. Pack food/snacks in reusable boxes and carry reusable cutlery & utensils. You can refill the boxes at food stops and grocery stores on the way & wash the utensils/cutlery to reuse it.

Plugged in chargers and devices consume electricity even if they are not in use. So remember to switch off and unplug devices that are not needed, when leaving home.

Check that out our article about Road Trip Hacks as well.

These are all small changes and thoughts to make your road trip eco friendly that help the environment in the long run.

So, you’re looking to plan your perfect eco friendly road trip and leave nothing to chance? Start planning one with ScoutMyTrip!

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5 Ways To Make Your Road Trip Eco Friendly
Being responsible and eco friendly on your road trips also goes a long way in keeping your carbon footprint in check while you enjoy your vacation.
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