7 Destinations That Millennials Go To For De-stressing

by Shalini Mimani

Overwhelmed by your current workload? Feel that your work-life balance has taken a downward spiral? Have you still skipped out on vacation plans this year? We bet that the answer to any or all of these questions is in the affirmative. The millennials of today are all about work and no play. But who’s to blame? We find people are afraid to take vacations.

One major reason is the fear of layoffs if they appear less committed than their co-workers. World Health Organization has declared ‘stress’ as the “health epidemic of the 21st century”. The solution, possibly the only solution is ‘travel detox’. Any vacation is good but a vacation in one of the popular or well-liked destinations for youngsters/millennials is like the icing on the cake. After all, vacation is a proven way to detox yourself of all the stress and jump back in the arena re-energized and rejuvenated.

Even research and studies prove that taking time away from the job have physical and psychological health benefits. People who take vacations have lower stress levels, lower risk of heart disease, a better outlook towards life, and are motivated to achieve their goals.

Yes, work is the necessity of life. But work can surely be stressful and hence the urge to de-stress can be stronger still.

To help you deal with this yin and yang of work and vacation, stress and de-stress, we have hand-picked a list of amazing places in India that is perfect for youngsters/millennials to detox.

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1. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol, a dreamy hamlet in the district of Kullu, lies on the banks of the Parvati River. It is the spot’ for backpackers and trekkers alike. Kasol is the base for treks to Malana and Kheerganga. This sleepy little town is situated comfortably between Bhuntar and Manikaran. Kasol is nicknamed as the ‘Mini Israel of India’ due to the high concentration of Israeli travellers in the town all year round.

It is still one of the few places in the country that is yet to be gripped in the vicious circle of urbanization and commercialization. A stroll along the banks of the river Parvati is the most fruitful way to spend your days here, free of care and worries. The sound of the Parvati River gurgling along with a stunning view of the snow-capped mountains in the background, what more could one ask for?

While you are here, be ready to encounter the cutest and quaint little cafes serving delicious food. The experience becomes near-magical with the view of the lush green forests, mountains, waterfalls and the gushing river to keep you company all the while. Kasol even boasts of a flea market. Make sure to pick up souvenirs, pendants, and even semi-precious stones for your loved ones.

While in Kasol, fancy a quick visit to the holy Manikaran Gurudwara, head over to the Kheer Ganga trek to reach the last inhibited village crossing the Pin Parvati pass on the way, a quick visit to Tosh or just relax by the banks of the Parvati River. Unarguably the #1 destination for youngsters/millennials. October to June is the best month to visit this little “Amsterdam of India”.


explore Backwaters of Kerala

Image source: Flickr

2. Backwaters, Kerela

Technically speaking, the Kerala backwaters are a network of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea. It is a network of interconnected canals, rivers, and inlets; a labyrinthine system of more than 900 kilometers of waterways.

The whole network of canals runs inland from the coast of Kerala, from Kochi (Cochin) to Kollam (Quilon). Allepy, situated between Kochi and Kollam is the main entry point. The lush green landscape, varied wildlife, and the endless row of houses that line the backwaters make the journey seem enchanted.

While in Kerala do not miss out on the opportunity of hiring a traditional Kerala-style houseboat – a ‘Kettuvallam’. It’s a typical Kerala experience and one of the most relaxing experiences. Also, known as the ”Venice of the East”, Kerela is a popular destination for youngsters/millennials today. No time is a bad time but the period from August to March is considered the best time to fully enjoy and soak in the beauty of Kerala backwaters.


road trip to Puducherry

Image source: wikimedia

3. Puducherry

Away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, Puducherry is a quaint little town on the southern coast of India. The distinctive French architecture, the tree-lined avenues, colonial heritage buildings, the never-ending stretches of virgin beaches is the striking feature. The cherry on the top is the wide array of restaurants serving a potpourri of cuisines for every kind of traveler. In short, a perfect place for that much needed ‘travel detox’.

The town is a blend of spirituality, colonial heritage, culture and the cosmopolitan flair of many nationalities. The famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram also finds its home in this dreamy town. You surely cannot miss the warm shades of cream, yellow, and pink compound walls peppered by the green of the bougainvillea overflowing over the ashram gates and walls.

Pondicherry or “Pondy” as it fondly called is an experience for all kinds of visitors. This gem of South India is best visited from October to March when the temperature is well within the 30 degrees mark. Eat, sleep or relax, the choice is yours!

4. Chail, Himachal Pradesh

#4 in the list of destinations for youngsters/millennials is the picturesque town of Chail. Situated just 44 kilometers from Shimla, the town is still untouched by the vicious grips of urbanization. The town is known for its uncontaminated beauty and virgin forests.

Chail is blessed with a glorious landscape; plush mountain ranges, impenetrable forests and a peaceful ambiance to complement it all. The old colonial buildings still ooze the age-old charm giving the whole town a picture-perfect setting.

Other things to do in Chail include a visit to the Palace Hotel, Kali ka Tibba, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary or Gurudwara Sahib. With the crowds flocked in Shimla, you will always find a spot to enjoy the calm afternoon, soaking in the tranquil ambiance of this idyllic hill station. The best time to visit Chail is in the summer months of April to June.

trip to Chail

Image source: Flickr

5. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang pronounced as ‘Dawang’ is the perfect destination for travel detox. It is located at a height of about 3,048 meters in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. This town is famous for being the birthplace of “The Dalai Lama” and houses many significant and gorgeous monasteries.

Tawang will cajole you with its striking natural beauty draped in the innate scent of spirituality. The theory of “Eat, Pray, Love” stands true to this place. You have the choice to either treat your taste buds to the lip-smacking local cuisine or pray at the 400 years old Tawang Gumpa or do it all. The beautiful orchid sanctuary and the Tipi Orchid Sanctuary make ideal destinations for a day trip. The best months to visit this mystic town are from March to October. However, head there in the winter months to experience a magical land if you do not mind the spine chilling cold.

trip to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Image source: Wikimedia


explore Hampi

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6. Hampi

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the state of Karnataka. The month of October starts to usher in the winter winds and hence a definite go-to destination for youngsters/millennials. Hampi, a town in ruins is still a harmonious blend of spirituality and antiquity. It is both a backpacker’s paradise and a pilgrim’s delight. Located amid the remains of the ancient city of Vijayanagar, Hampi was one of the richest cities during its prime.

Among the attractions of Hampi are beautiful temples, ruins of palaces and remains of aquatic structures. If you are one of those forever chasing sunsets, Hampi will surely put you in a trance with the dreamlike sunset situation. Surely, a perfect destination to explore and bask in the glory of the rich heritage the town has to offer. In short, a sure shot travel detox.


road trip to Gokarna

Image source: wikimedia

7. Gokarna

The ‘not so famouscousin of Goa, Gokarna is increasingly becoming famous as the perfect destination for youngsters/millennials. Simply put, it is the land of palm trees, sapphire seas, and golden sands. The pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes, make it a newly found hub for beach lovers and hippies alike.

Situated on the coast of Karwar, the small town of Gokarna is famous for both its beaches and temples. The palm arrayed beaches are dotted with foreign tourists and Indians alike. Still an unexplored destination, it guarantees you the perfect ‘me time‘. The town runs at a relaxed pace. Palm trees, crystal clear water, clean sands, and a heavenly sunset indeed make Gokarna ‘one of its kind place’. The best time to visit Gokarna is from October until March.

Well, now that we have established that work is important but travel detox is equally important, we hope that you will soon start your journey to explore all or some of these places. So let that wanderlust bug bite you and get going. If you need help with planning a trip to any of these places, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. So #MarkAndEmbark with us and we will surely help you with all we can.

You can also drop in your contact details in the comments section below.

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