7 Reasons to Love ScoutMyTrip’s Road Trip Planner

by Deepak Ananth
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We’ve met a fair share of travelers in India. From those whom we meet while on the road to the enthusiastic vagabonds travelling from outside the country, to the hordes of enthusiasts on online travel communities where the common thread is travel and exploration. Everyone comes prepared with a plan before they set out on the road but on knowing about a road trip planner that will do the work for you? They were pretty excited!

The Little Drawbacks

Having said that, the common problem we’ve noticed affecting practically everyone we spoke to, was the sheer amount of research one has to do to get a trip off the ground, let alone make it one that you will truly remember forever. Forget road trip plan, take the next generic trip you’re planning to Goa. You start with the flight tickets. You need to start with the one website where you save the most amount of money (read cashbacks, discounts etc.). Next stop – the hotel, you repeat the process. You finally find a hotel but now you need to understand how good the property is? Compare by logging in to something like a TripAdvisor or Google and checking the reviews and ratings.

Then comes what you want to do in Goa while you’re there for three days. Start reading all the blogs you can get your hands on. A google search of “10 things to do in Goa” is on top of the recommended list. Tired already? Your trip has still not started!

Now imagine you had to do this for a road trip to Goa. You need to add another dimension of which road and what route you will take. A lot of travelers would want to break their journey to Goa into two days. The beauty that is India, shows itself differently in its manifestations on the highway.

So we got thinking, and decided to address this in one place, on one go, in one shot- you get the picture.

Hire a Scout

This is probably the time to give you one of the much clichéd sayings – “It’s about the journey and not the destination”. Destinations will very much be part of it, but the plan is to figure the best way to get to the destination by road.

Over Copious amounts of coffee (mixed adequately with alcohol), we started thinking, no mean task! What do we use when we have a road trip to plan for a holiday? This forms a basis for what we plan to build in ScoutMyTrip

The Assets

  1. Maps and navigation
  2. Hotel booking websites
  3. Car rental websites (if you don’t want to take your own vehicle out)
  4. Websites to scout points of interest
  5. Blogs and some more blogs.
  6. Forums to figure out road conditions
  7. People to reach out to and get help for planning better

By the way, did we tell you there are three roads that lead you to Goa from Mumbai? And the one we like the best amongst them is not even shown as the default search result in the most commonly used search engine? We’ll have to give you that too!

ScoutMyTrip will remain a service free for anyone to use, and we don’t plan to make a traveler pay us money to use the services, but we’re also bringing to fore other travelers from across India who can advise you on the best on everything on your road trip.

Because the one thing that is better than all the technology in the world is another traveler you can trust!

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7 Reasons to Love ScoutMyTrip's Road trip Planner
If you're struggling with chlaking out the perfect road trip plan? ScoutMyTrip's road trip planner might just be what you're looking for
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