7 Safety Tips for Women who Travel Solo

Travel is for everyone irrespective of gender, caste or creed. How you travel, who you travel with, where you choose to go or if you want to travel solo are all YOUR choices. The only thing you need to remember to include in any of your travel plans is a Plan B. While it is good to be spontaneous, it is better to be prepared for the worse always. Especially when you travel alone, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. 

While I write this article exclusively for women who travel solo, it isn’t limited just to them! It can act as a guide for everyone who choose to travel alone. Without further ado, let me introduce you to some safety tips when traveling solo. And remember, there are more than 7 tips but these are the key ones that you need to remember.

7 Smart tips for Women who Travel Solo

#1 Don’t stay out late unless it is familiar territory

While it’s okay to venture out by yourself or for that matter travel solo, it is wiser to come back at a reasonable hour especially if you are in a place that you’re not so familiar with. Having said that, time restrictions are really irritating to follow but it is better to be Safe than Sorry.

In case of cultural fests or gatherings that get over late, always have someone reliable to get you back to your place. If you aren’t comfortable with that, have someone on speed dial in case of an emergency.

#2  Travel by local transport

When you travel solo you should try and capitalize on situations that’ll help keep you safe. Perks of traveling by local transport is that you are surrounded by a crowd and can always have some backing. Traveling alone is a thrill and having your vehicle is even more of a challenge but at both times you still need to have a plan B.

#3 Avoid being too friendly with the locals

To travel solo by local transport is a good option,  building familiarity isn’t. There will be real genuine people who wish to help but there are also some who take undue advantage. Always trust your instincts in such situations. While you can never be too sure, you can always try to avoid taking a risk.

#4 Don’t oblige men with pictures

Taking pictures with families is rather cute and can make you feel quite at home. But, what you need to avoid here is taking pictures with just one person, be it a woman or a man. I have mentioned “Men” specifically because they are the ones who often tend to misuse pictures by putting it out on social media with trashy captions or calling the lady their girlfriends and so forth and so on. No one has the right to misuse your pictures so be aware of who you’re getting clicked with or who’s clicking you.

#5 Be self-sufficient

Carry essentials for the entire trip especially if it is a remote place. When you travel solo, it is better to avoid unnecessary stops. Be self-sufficient when it comes to cash, your toiletries, gadgets, etc.

#6 Carry one object for Self Defense

The most popular self defense tool as you are all aware is the Pepper spray. It is easy to carry, light in weight, quick in action and easy to use. The only problem I see here if it bursts in your bag. Chances are minimal but there are chances (speaking from experience). If it bursts, your entire bag will have this pungent odour and god forbid you touch anything and rub your eyes by mistake!

I will be sharing a list of Self defense tools in my next article so watch out for this space.

#7 Don’t be oblivious to your surroundings

Stay alert always! You don’t need to be watchful all the time but be cautious. Try changing your routine. Avoid eating at the same place or stepping out at a particular time. Keep a track of who is around or if you find someone observing you. Never fear but steer clear when you see the signs.

Follow the rules of the place, keep the environment clean and don’t litter or dispose of stuff in wrong places. Play by the rules of the place and there will be no one pointing fingers at you. Never give others a chance to complain.

So, I hope these Safety tips were helpful to you! If you travel solo, try to keep these in mind so that there are no hiccups during your trip. All in all, enjoy the whole experience and only learn from it on the trips to come. To plan your trip better you can always reach out to us. Just visit ScoutMyTrip and drop in a message for any assistance and we will do the rest.

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Kuldeep Singh Rawat October 22, 2018 - 7:52 am

I travelled alone for 10 days two years back on cycle. These tips are really useful also for males travelling alone like tip #1 and #6. Finding a comfortable & safe night shelter before dark in unknown town is always adcisable and keeping a hidden weapon or something for safety from other human or animal is good. If it may not be very useful when needed but it will definitely give you confidence in moving alone. I was carrying a small traiking knife naughty from amazon and was keeping always easily accessible specially when riding through jungle in hills.
One think i was doing additional was toake sure to have my mobile always charged and keep informing about my location to my friends with whome i.had discussed a plan for help in case of any emergency situation. There are many location traiking apps available also. I had also created a whatsapp group which also added a fun part when i was sharing my pics during my trip.

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