7 Ways To Travel Comfortably During The Winters

by Latika Srivastava

What is the one thing that gives you jitters when you plan to travel during the winter season? For me, it is packing! Too many clothes and accessories to carry. For many it could be the nail-biting cold, wearing too many layers, or simply the gloomy weather. Nevertheless, travel during winter has its own charm. You are not sweaty. You can walk around enjoying the warmth of the winter sun, the chill in the air, the snow-paths, and even the intermittent rainfall.

Trips during winter require careful packing. The trick to enjoy a winter vacation is to carry all the essentials that will help you stay warm in those chilly places.

travel during winter season

Below we have enlisted must-have items in your bag for your trip to a cold destination. Make the most of your trip to snow-capped mountains and chilly destinations with these tips and tricks. Remember to cross-check items with our checklist for that hassle-free, warm, and happy holiday.

1. Thermals

Whosoever said that thermals are outdated, have not traveled in them. Easy to wear and easier to carry, thermals are a must-have item in your bag for travel during the winter season. Pack three or more of these base layers and tights and you will stay warm throughout. Men can wear one under their shirt or t-shirt and spend a full day exploring their destination comfortably. Women can team it up with their dresses and skirts and be both stylish and cozy. The other benefit of carrying thermals is that it takes less space in the suitcase. It can be easily rolled in any corner.

travel during winter season

2. Sweaters

Sweaters are the quintessential winter garment. Your holiday will be incomplete without one. Take at least 2 to 3 sweaters in neutral shades like black, white, brown, and blue. These go well with every outfit. Also, pick sweaters that are not bulky to pack. You can even opt for cardigans as long as they serve the purpose.

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3. Woollen leggings/stockings

You may find denim and trousers comfortable, but if you wear a pair of woolen leggings or stockings for that matter, then you will stay warm for longer. These leggings trap the warmth and help you stay cozy and comfortable in your skin throughout. Remember to pack at least 2 pairs. Opt for darker colours that won’t show the dirt easily as you may not have access to laundry everywhere.

travel during winter season

You can also add Socks, gloves, caps and scarves

No winter vacation can be complete without a pair of woolen socks, gloves, and caps. Not only do these keep warm, but they are great accessories as well. For those who enjoy experimenting, they should carry hats as well. Hats provide a very chic look and photographs in them, come very well.

travel during winter season

Scarves are a great accessory for winter wear. You can carry 2 to 3 bright colored scarves and add that pop of color to the neutral ensemble. Scarves also fit in any corner in the bag and, hence, are a great piece to carry.

4. Rain jackets

Another obvious essential item is the rain jacket. Almost all winter destinations get rains, and you wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared. It is always advisable to carry a good quality rain jacket. They are also warm and hence, a must-have item in the cold weather. Do remember to pack one rain jacket when you travel during the winter season.

travel during winter season

5. Sunglasses

Winter sun can get very harsh and pinch the eyes. Always wear goggles or sunglasses to avoid irritation. Also, at snowy destinations, the sun sits lower in the sky and can damage the vision when combined with reflective white snow. So, it’s essential to carry polarised sunglasses to protect the eyes from sun damage.

travel during the winter season
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6. Sunscreens

Again, because the winter sun can be harsh, carrying a sunscreen on your travel to a winter destination is essential. Many would think – why do we need to wear sunscreen in winters? Well, it serves the same purpose as it does in summers. Wearing a sunscreen with a high SPF prevents the skin from getting sunburnt. Yes, winter burns are a thing and it is equally bad as it is cold.

travel during winter season

Add Moisturiser to the kit as well.

The winter air is dry. Snowy places are even drier. The air saps the moisture out of skin, hair, and lips. You need a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Also, it is advisable to carry a chapstick for your lips, and a good hair conditioner for your hair. Please remember to carry these essential toiletries in your bag as they will help keep your skin healthy while you travel during the winter season.

7. An extra day-bag

Why an extra bag? Because you will feel hot with all the clothes you wear throughout the day. And carrying winter wear like a sweater, jacket, cap, glove, scarf, etc. in hand will not just be cumbersome, but also kill the fun. Carry a collapsible bag that can easily fit in your pocket or another handbag. This extra bag will also be useful to keep food items and other things that you will shop or carry while you explore your destination.

travel during winter season

Along with these, I will also recommend carrying a hot flask to carry water. On extremely cold days, warm water can be very comforting, and also helps keep cough and cold at bay. While shopping for your travel during the winter season, look for clothes that are not bulky. Especially jackets and sweaters. Pack only one or two pairs of denim because the woolen leggings can also be worn on sweaters and jackets.

Packing right and traveling light is the key to a great holiday while you travel during the winter season. Keep the above points in mind and enjoy a great trip.

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