8 best tourist places to visit in Kerala

by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala
Places to visit in Kerela, Tourist places in Kerela

Touted to be God’s very own country, places to visit in Kerala are in abundance. An ideal holiday destination for family vacations or romantic getaways alike, apart from all the tourist places in Kerala, there is a lot that one can do in here. Go to the much popular and talked about backwaters, or indulge in some activities, or, just spend some peaceful time. There’s a little of everything that you will find here.

If you really wish to explore the city, then there is no stopping once you set off. Tourist places in Kerala range from hill-stations, to commercial cities, to witnessing the rich culture and heritage, and a lot more. There is something that sets Kerala apart from any other city.

So, if you are planning your next trip down south, here are a few must-visit tourist places in Kerala

Alleppey – The popular amongst all backwaters!

Visit Alleppey

A visit to Kerala isn’t complete without your stay in a houseboat. And, to stay in what is called the Venice of the East must be on the top of your list. While on your trip to Kerala, a couple of days in the houseboat equal nothing short of a 5-star experience, courtesy all the luxuries they encompass. The place will make you feel a little closer to nature, with paddy fields, lilies, and coconut groves around. There’s peace, serenity, and a picturesque view to cherish in here.

The best time to visit here is sometime in September to May. You can fly to Kochi airport, which is 53 kms away from here. Or, you can take the train to Alleppey railway station as well.

Munnar – The romantic getaway

Holiday in Munnar

Munnar, in recent times, has turned into a romantic getaway for what it has to offers. One of the most frequently visited tourist places in Kerala, the hilly terrains will take your breath away. Once upon a time capital of the British, the feel of it is very colonial. Located at about 6,000 feet, there are tea plantations spread over 80,000 miles. And, while that continues to be a highlight, there are valleys, low lying clouds, and the hills to cherish.

Hire A Scout

What makes Munnar one of the perfect places to visit in Kerala during honeymoons are the luxurious and beautiful homestays. Marketed as the romantic getaway that it is, the place is also for the adventurous souls, trekking and camping being the two attractions.

Ideal for a visit during October to March, one can take a road trip from either Kochi airport or Aluwa Railway station.

Wayanad – For the love of nature

trip to Wayanad

Wayanad makes it to one of the must-visit tourist places in Kerala owing to its greenery, serenity, and scenic beauty. The combination of adventure along with the trails of nature put it out on the list of places to visit in Kerala. Inhabited by 50 different tribes, Wayanad is also rich in culture and heritage. The city has a charm that one doesn’t want to miss while in Kerala. There are an array of temples, waterfalls and the best of wildlife sanctuary to add to your itinerary while you’re here.

The best time to visit Wayanad is from October to May, while the adventure lovers might want to go in early monsoon. Wayanad is about 95 kms from Karipur airport and 72 kms from the Kozhikode station.

Thekkady – Wildlife and all things fine!

Home to the world famous Periyar wildlife sanctuary, you need to visit Thekkady. One of the finest tourist places in Kerala, it is rightly called as heaven hidden amidst lush greenery and wild vegetation. Along with the coffee and spice plantations, the Periyar lake and sanctuary make Thekaddy one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Periyar wildlife sanctuary is one of the 27 tiger reserves, has about 265 species of birds, and 35 species of animals including the likes of a few nearly extinct ones. There is added adventure with safaris, camping, jungle patrol, etc.

You can visit Thekkady in between November to early May. The nearest airport is Madurai at about 136 km, while Kottayam is the closest railway station (114 km).

Kovalam – The beauty and the beach!

Yet another hot tourist places in Kerala, the famous Kovalam beach has it all. After all, beaches down south are always an attraction, aren’t they? Right from the happening new year celebration, to massages and water sports, Kovalam is a beach at its best. It also is in fact, a confluence of people from across different countries and cultures. With a lighthouse on the southern side, there is as much fun as there is beauty here. There is delicious seafood, great weather, and tall coconut trees with the shining sand; if this is not paradise, then what is?

The ideal time to visit here is from September to May, with Trivandrum being both, the closest airport and railway station.

Kochi – A multi-faceted getaway

road trip to Kochi

Not only is Kochi one of the must-visit places in Kerala, but it also is the beginning of your travel in the state. It is in fact, amongst the top list of tourist places in Kerala purely for the ideal combination of all things travel. There is history, rich cultural heritage, picturesque beauty, and ethnicity, all at its best.

Fort Kochi is yet another mus- visit places in Kerala, which is about 8 kms from Ernakulam. Fort Kochi offers beaches, palaces, heritage buildings, temples, and so much more. A totally explore worthy city, the urban setting actually helps in your travel. You will find a combination of Portuguese, Dutch and old English in the buildings and places you visit.

Visit Kochi between September to March, and you are sure to have the time of your life in here. The backwaters are always an added to visit place while your stay in the city. Kochi has its own airport, while the Ernakulam railway station is 13 kms away.

Vagamon – The Mountains are never too far away!

Holiday in Vagamon

One of the coolest tourist places in Kerala, the hill station will have your heart, and nature shall feed your soul. One of the best places to visit in Kerala for a reason, Vagamon has ample of meadows, gardens, tea plantations and the valleys to swear by. The chain of hills, namely, Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala reflect religious harmony. If you’d ask us, you have to visit the place to be able to understand what it beholds for you.

If you are looking out for a breath of fresh air, and a life closer to nature, then this is your to go place. The ideal time to visit would be sometime from early August to May. Kochi is around 94 kms and Kottayam railway station is about 15 kms from the city.

Kumarakom – A paradise away from the hustle

Stay at Kumarakom

Kumarakom is what we’d call an ideal combination of everything – beauty, peace, tourist like feel and authentic. Home to many migratory visitors, this small settlement has picturesque locations and a soothing climate. Relax by the backwaters, and sip on some coconut juice. And, all of this in harmony makes it one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

So, plan your next trip to Kerala and the best time to visit here is from September to May, one can travel by both air as well as train. Kochi is 85 kms away, while Kottayam is about 16 kms away.

So, which one of these is going to be your choice? The beach, the mountains, or the backwaters?

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exactly you have mentioned the best places in Kerala…. I really love to be in Kerala

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