North East India has 9 Best Waterfalls You Must Visit!

North East India is a sight to behold for any travel enthusiast. Above all, this place has a lot of scenic beauty and the waterfalls just add to the prosperity of North East India Tourism. Throughout the year, it attracts travellers from across the world.

Furthermore the waterfalls add to the beauty of the place making it lush! After all don’t we enjoy a ‘closer to nature’ experience?

So till you plan your visit to this part of India here is a list of waterfalls in North East India you must visit!

Waterfalls in North East India

#1 Elephanta Falls, Shillong

By Yash rainaOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Shillong is one of the must visit places when you visit the North Eastern belt of India. As far as the waterfalls in North East India are concerned, Elephanta Falls are a treat to watch. Situated on the outskirts of Shillong, about 12 kms from the main city, there’s a reason why these falls are amongst the must visit waterfalls in North East India. This waterfall has three different sections to it where one follows to the other because of which the falls have been named  ‘Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew’ meaning ‘Three Step Waterfalls’.

Certainly,this is a name given by the locals but its original name has been given by an officer who saw a rock which resembled the shape of an elephant. Probably if you visit the Elephanta falls during the rains you can be sure to get a little sprinkled by the gushing waters. Let’s not forget the photographers for whom this place is capture-worthy. So for those who plan to drive from central India, check out the road trip planner for a smooth and fun trip.

#2 Nohsngithiang Falls, Cherrapunjee

By Rohan MahantaOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Located in Mawsmi Village in the East Khasi Hills district, these waterfalls in North East India are known as the Seven Sisters waterfalls. This one sure makes it to the must visit places as far as North East India tourism goes. With  7 different falls spreading across the hills, the limestone cliffs they fall over look ethereal. Furthermore, if you visit the falls during twilight the effect it creates is magnificent!

#3 Kakochang Waterfall, Assam


Located just half an hour away from the famous Kaziranga forest, the path to reach the falls is an adventurous one on its own. Popularly known as Kailpholangso by the locals in North East India, these falls show on Google maps upto a point, after which you have to start your trek to the falls. Even though it is advisable to keep all your supplies handy as it is a long walk, it still is a must visit if you plan a trip to Assam!

#4 Langshiang falls, Nongkhnum

By JoistLNonglaitOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The Langshian falls are located in the west Khasi hill district of Meghalaya around the Sangriang village. It is situated about 24 kms away from a province called Nongstoin and its height is about 1106 ft,. Emerging streams from the Kynshi river join a few others to make the Langshiang falls. You will need to trek to Nongkhnum river island, gradually moving up if you want to get a clear view.

#5 Vantawng Falls, Mizoram

By Didini Tochhawngअपना काम, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Touted to be one of the highest waterfalls in Mizoram, what makes these all the more picturesque is the location amidst the forests of Serchhip district. With the kind of lush greenery and tropical forests by the cascading flow of water, you’d b awestruck. If you’d like to explore Mizoram, we can customise a trip for you; all you have to do is click on this trip planner for more details.

#6 Nuranang Falls, Arunachal Pradesh

By RekhalokOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Popularly known as the Bong Bong Falls or the Jung Falls, the Nuranang Falls are about 40 kms away from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Firstly,the steep slopes (328ft) over which it flows is what leaves you speechless.  Secondly,the slope helps the falls take form because it meets the Tawang river beneath. There is a tale associated with the waterfalls that a damsel from Monpa tribe, Nura, offered shelter to a soldier hereby providing him with firearms in the time of Indo – China war. And, it is in memory of Monpa that the falls gets its name.

#7 Kynrem Falls, Meghalaya

By MitaliBaruahOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Often described as paradise on Earth, Kynrem Falls in Cherapunjee will probably transport you into a different era. Anyone who’d want to indulge in some photography and feed their adventurous souls, this is where you should go in the North East India.  You’re sure to cherish the peaceful environment and you wish you could freeze time right there. It has got streams cascading through a height of 1001 ft.

#8 Triple Falls, Nagaland


Talk about waterfalls in North East India and there’s no way you can miss Nagaland. The Triple Falls in Nagaland forms a natural swimming pool thereby ensuring you get into the falls to enjoy that experience. The falls are a great spot to be in as the surroundings make for a cherishable environment. With a view around and trekkers moving around, you can have a mini picnic there as well.

#9 Kangchenjunga Falls, Sikkim

By Sujay25Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The Kangchenjunga  originate from the glaciers of India’s highest mountain peak, Kangchenjunga. These falls in North East India aren’t for sightseeing alone. They offer multiple rope activities for the adventurers. The kind of scenic view and the terrains you see will have your heart skipping a beat.

So wait no more because it’s time to start planning your trip NOW by visiting our legendary road trip planner from anywhere in India! We kid you not 🙂

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