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Travel, Technology, Community  – these are the three pillars of ScoutMyTrip platform.

Travel – We believe that road travel is the purest form of travel there is. Roads and paths take you to places that are not accessible by rail roads or airports. They take you through cultures, through cities, over rivers, through mountains and lets you explore the country the way nothing else can. At ScoutMyTrip, we believe that travel is an emotion that is inbred in each of us and we hope to bring that emotion to the fore.

Technology – while we love to travel, we are also many time constrained by various factors governing our daily life. Lack of time, necessity of safe and clean places to stay etc. We believe that technology as an enabler is what can help the traveller explore better and more effectively. At ScoutMyTrip , technology is the helper that shows you how to travel easier!

Community – without fellow travellers , the world wouldn’t be as exciting as it is now. Sharing  precious nuggets of information that only a traveller will know and understand, sharing memories that make each trip that much more memorable , is possible only because the community helps to build the platform . Using technology is great, but getting up to date information from a fellow traveller is priceless.

ScoutMyTrip aims to be the platform of choice for road travellers. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Guhar moti in the Kutch region to Kibithu in the east, we will help you chart your road trip. With help from you, ScoutMyTrip will give you places to stay, eat and see and tell you the best way to get there!

Bring on the road tripping!