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by Sunaina Aiyappa

Whenever the mention of Ladakh happens, the next question is usually something like this “Isn’t that where parts of the movie 3 Idiots was shot?”. Well, yes! To be precise it was shot at the famous Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh; the beauty of which isn’t justified in the pictures you see circulating or on the internet.

Tourists usually come down the famous Chang La pass to Tsoltak and finally to Durbuk. Durbuk is a little stop over for bikers and others for refreshments. There are a couple of places that sell momos, thukpa, noodles and many such food items for a traveller who has covered that distance. There is also a store that sells some souvenirs and warm clothing among the chain of restaurants. However, there is a very special shop whose shutter you will always find shut. But there is a way!

When you use the back entrance, you will find a very rawly constructed structure but as you enter, your nose gets treated to the freshly baked treats. Yes, it is a bakery! Not just any bakery, it is a bakery at 14,000 odd feet or 4,115m to be precise. So what is special about this bakery in Ladakh other than it being the highest in the region? Come let’s find out!

Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake Baker’s man!

About the Team

Ladakh Bakery Bakery in Ladakh

A guy (Name unknown) from Uttar Pradesh decided to set up this bakery as he was always passionate about baking. He works here for the tourist season and sometimes heads home during the harsh winters in Ladakh. He, along with a Ladakhi local, run this little space that serves a whole lot of things on order. Since not many know of this bakery, he only caters to cantonments located in the vicinity (between Durbuk & Tangtse).

Baked goods

Highest Bakery

He is this humble guy who has a list of things he prepares ranging from kulchas to croissants and how can we forget the amazing bread (tried and tested). You can either take the bread loaf as it is or get it cut by them. He makes cream rolls as well but that is something you need to order a few days in advance as they need to ring in supplies from Leh. I am sure you’re probably getting a little taste of this already? Well, you know where to make that stop en route to Pangong Tso.

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The Setup

Food in Ladakh

Apart from making all those interesting goodies in his bakery, what will take you aback is the equipment he has in there. He has the yeast maker & huge OTGs that you won’t spot even in the city. The dedication with which he has set this place up, is tremendous to say the least. So guys, please make a stop at his bakery if you happen to visit Ladakh especially when you’re en route to Pangong Tso

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Disclaimer: The altitude of Durbuk is 4115m above sea level. In the ScoutMyTrip team’s travel so far in Ladakh; they haven’t come across a bakery at this altitude. If you feel, you know a bakery at a higher elevation than this one please – share it in the comments.

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