Top 5 Beautiful Beaches of Odisha

by Arjun Dikshit

Vacations are revitalizing and good for soul. A calm and quiet holiday is all that one needs to experience inner peace, but when you need fun as well as relaxation then heading straight to Odisha for a beach vacation is a perfect way to renew our perspectives. A beach vacation is soothing, and when you think of a beach destination, people would talk about going to Goa, but there are beaches beyond Goa which are worth exploring. Odisha is a spectacular beach destination. There are some of the most scenic beaches of Odisha, among the other popular tourist places in Odisha, that have all the amazing features to attract visitors with its surreal beauty.

While most of the beaches are worth a visit during any time of the year, there are some whose beauty is enhanced during certain seasons. Being the most frequented tourist spots in the state, these beaches are easily accessible from the capital city Bhubaneswar and the tourists can avail cab services or trains to get to the exact location. There are several hotels and resorts mushroomed near these ultimate tourist places in Odisha, which make the stay of the tourists completely comfortable and relaxing.

Beaches of Odisha at a glance

RAMCHANDI BEACH (must visit)

It is amongst the topmost beaches of Odisha. Ask any local resident of Odisha and this place would top his list among the best picnic spots in the state. The Ramchandi beach is located at the point of conjunction of river Kushabhadra and the Bay of Bengal. The beach is named after the deity Goddess Ramchandi whose temple is located near the shores. The tourists can take part in an array of water sports that take place at the Ramchandi beach, which includes snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, water scooters and much more. One can take a boat ride and set on to explore the small islands that are located near the beach. The tourists get to enjoy all types of water sports at the beach and see the surrounding forests.

ASTARANGA BEACH (must visit)

This is one of the most spectacular beaches of Odisha and it truly justifies its name, which means ‘Colourful Sunset’ in the local dialect. One should never miss the opportunity of watching the sunset at Astaranga beach and they would get to witness one of the best visual wonders for sure. The beach is located in the Puri district and one needs to drive about 34 kms on the Kakatpur route from Konark to visit this beach.

The Jahaniya Pir shrine is located along the beach and revered by both Hindus and Muslims. From the sunsets to the glimpse of fishing boats during the early morning hours, every single view at the Astaranga beach is startling and worth capturing in the lens.

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Rushikulya beach is one of the perfect getaway destinations in the state to lose oneself in the blue waters. During the breeding seasons between November and May, the Olive Ridley turtles come to the beach to lay eggs and if you are able to spot some of them then you are really lucky. Being a natural habitat for the turtles, the Government takes every possible measure to keep this beach unspoiled and clean. This makes the Rushikulya beach, one of the cleanest beaches of Odisha.

This beach has all the beauty and charms to delight and amaze the visitors beyond their imagination. The nearest railway station to this beach is the Ganjam Railway station while one can also take a drive from the state capital Bhubaneswar.


One of the most visited tourist places of Odisha, the Talsari beach is located at about 90 kms from Balasore city. The beach is surrounded by a huge number of Palm trees and this brings justice to the name of the beach. The Bay of Bengal is calm at the beach and this owes to Talsari being named as one of the safest beaches of the state. This beach is one of the best getaways in the state and provides visitors with mental peace by the virtue of its serenity. You may spot a few red crabs on the beach. The tourists can avail the boating service into the sea at cheap rates. The destination is great for seafood lovers since the fishermen sell their fresh catch on the beaches especially during the morning times. One can also pay a visit to some other beaches of Odisha like Udaipur, located at a small distance from Talsari. All in all, this place poses to be a perfect destination for all those who wish to have a quiet holiday by the sea.

PURI BEACH (must visit)

The Puri beach is undoubtedly the most popular beach in Odisha. Puri, which is also popular for the Jagannath Temple, draws thick crowds to its beach as well. The city is situated at a distance of about 70 kilometres from the capital city and is known as one of the safest beaches in the state. The beach is amongst the major tourist places in Odisha that provide an array of amenities to the visitors. They can enjoy a massage or a camel ride or devour some delicious snacks while cherishing the beauty of the sea. The beach often gets too crowded and in such scenes, the tourists can take a detour to the Swargadwar side of the Puri beach. The beach is full of life starting from 5 am in the morning till 10 pm in the night.

These were the top 5 beaches of Odisha, but here is one more beach we thought we should add to our list.


must visit gopalpur beach

By Rishabh Tatiraju [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

Situated at a distance of about 16 kilometres from the city of Berhampur, the Gopalpur Sea beach is one of the best tourist places in Odisha. The beach is ideal for an early morning stroll and this can provide an ultimate level of peace to your soul and body. Lined by coconut and casuarina groves by the shore, this sea beach sees a lot of activity during the evening hours. One can find stalls selling freshly made delicacies out of seafood during the evening hours. Gopalpur was the first city in Odisha to have a hotel, which was built in 1914 when the port was in the hands of East India Company. One can get a glimpse of the port from the beach itself.

These beaches are some of the most popular tourist places in Odisha

The beautiful beaches are the most astounding tourist places in Odisha which are full of life. You will love the salt tickling to your nose and breathe fresh air which is not possible in metropolitan cities or nearby beaches. These beaches are special. The beaches of Odisha have gathered much repute owing to their beauty, and the authorities also take every possible measure to keep these beaches clean and tourist-friendly. The mystic beauty of the mesmerizing shoreline will excite you with their uniqueness and magic. It’s time to unwind like never before and visit these wonderful beaches amidst the calm seashore.

Check out the other places to visit in Odisha. We have compiled a list of famous beaches in North Goa, South Goa, Kerala, and  Karnataka. Do check them out and you can always get us to help plan your trip. Just browse our India travel packages and send us a query.

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