How you could have your own ‘epic’ Ladakh Trip

by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala
Ladakh Trip

In present day, a Ladakh trip, or maybe a Ladakh road trip more so is a mandate on everyone’s bucket list. And well, why wouldn’t it be? The mountains keep calling after all! Right from road tripping through the mountains to camping high up somewhere, Ladakh is the current hotspot!

A trip to Ladakh needs you to have adequate knowledge not just about the itinerary, but much more. If you are one of the backpackers who’d like things their own way, you’ve still got to check this out. To make the most of your trip to Ladakh, check out the must-knows and don’ts right here!

For a place that is nothing short of wonders, your experience up there has to be the best one. While you might have your itinerary planned, you still must read the following out, purely for precaution’s sake!

Follow these tips, and rest assured of having the Ladakh trip you always dreamt of!

Epic Ladakh Trip

Stay fit and keep up with your health!

It could be a little difficult to contain all that excitement, but you must give your body sufficient rest once you reach Ladakh. If you choose to travel by the Leh – Manali highway, take adequate stops in between. Or if in case you fly directly to Leh, put a stop of 2 nights in order to provide the body enough rest. A Ladakh trip isn’t for the faint-hearted, and that goes without saying. Be hydrated enough, and keep yourself warm. To avoid falling ill, keep a check on the slightest of signs of altitude sickness, and move up gradually. Oh, and if you could, avoid drinking or smoking up there!

The must carry essentials

Explore Ladakh

The fact that you’d need to keep yourself warm goes without saying, and hence winter wear is a must. Don’t forget to take water and basic food with you, for it’d be of help. Since electricity in Ladakh is kind of scarce, portable chargers would be a smart idea! Some sunscreen, moisturizer, and mustard oil would help you deal with sunburns and the cold respectively.

If you intend to take the road trip way, there are additional things that you must take care of. Right from Raincoats to waterproof gloves, from boots to keep your shoes and socks dry to equipment for bike repair, you need to keep up with all that could happen. Finding a shop to do the repairs isn’t something that’d happen, and hence, to avoid any barrier to your Ladakh road trip, carry with yourself a spare tube, puncture kit, oils, chain lock, and other essential items.

Proofs for ILP and checkpoints

Back in 2014, LAHDC had abolished the requirement of an ILP for Indian Nationals. A move which was so well received by the tourists and tourism unions alike was put back in action in 2017. For some of the most popular places in Ladakh, including Pangong, Tso Moriri and others, you will require an ILP. You will easily find ILP forms around Leh at the DC office as well as photocopy shops. Attach a photo and photocopies of government approved documents and visit the DC’s office. The fees paid to get an ILP involved environment fees (Rs. 400), Red Cross donation (Rs. 300) and Wildlife protection fee (Rs. 20), per person. Having got it all in place, you must have sufficient photocopies of both the ILP and your documents to produce at required places. Now you can also get your ILP online at and pay the requisite fee at the TIC (Tourist Information Centre) at Leh once you are there.

Planning the trip – Right number of days with right places!

Ladakh Trip Package

A Ladakh trip is done right only when it is well planned.  Apart from accommodations and tickets/or your bikes, there are places to go things to do you need to know. An ideal Ladakh trip is about 10-12 days long, during which you cover everything – right from the lakes to the sand dunes and monasteries, and of course, the heritage along with adventure and sports. Things you must do include exploring the markets and bazaars for a look and feel like no other place. If that doesn’t excite you enough while on your Ladakh trip, then you could go find some peace at the monasteries and tour around Leh. You’ll feel a little closer to the Tibetan culture and traditions as you explore these monasteries, the Thiksey being a must visit.

To feed the traveller in you, you could finally make your dream of a Ladakh road trip partially true! Ride to the Nubra valley via Khardong La, and experience what a contrast landscapes in Ladakh can be. Ride around the valley for a day or so, and explore the places!

While your stay, don’t miss out on authentic food in Ladakh, the butter tea or the Thukpa, and the traditional Khambir. Then is the time to visit the lakes of Ladakh right under the wide blue skies, with mountains surrounding you, and the colours changing into a beautiful sight right before you.

Mark a closure to your Ladakh trip with river rafting and a tour to the magnetic hill. While the former would feed your soul, the latter shall question your mind!

So you’ve got the best of your Ladakh trip with just keeping a few points in mind. Wherever you go, we’ve got you covered! Plan a trip with us and embark on a journey of a lifetime with Ladakh tour packages!

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