5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Jharkhand in Spring

by Paripsa Pandya
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Spring is almost here, which means you get to see flowers in full bloom all around the country. While each state has its own beauty and charm, going offbeat has a thrill that is unmatched. In the digital age where every destination is just a search or a hashtag away, very few places remain unexplored. Since Jharkhand is such a hidden gem, it is a safe haven for lovers of the unexplored path. While the waterfalls, the dense forests and the stunning architecture make it a destination you can visit anytime, spring is the perfect time!

Here are 5 reasons to visit Jharkhand in spring:

1. Palash flowers in full bloom

Palash is the state flower of Jharkhand; it is the flower which is used in making natural colour for Holi. The Palash tree is an extremely to Jharkhand tourism, with reference to its cultural and economic significance. The tree is one of the most important hosts for the lac insect. It is used in the production of timber, resin, fodder, medicine and dyes. The wood is dirty white and soft, being durable under water, is used for well-curbs and water scoops. Good charcoal can be made from its wood. The tree’s leaves are used to make plates and wrappers. Apart from these benefits, the Palash flowers are incredibly beautiful and witnessing them in spring is an experience like no other. All those budding photographers and aesthetic addicts, if you want those Instagram-worthy shots, head to Jharkhand in spring!

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2. The beginning of the off-season guarantees cheaper prices

Most of the tourists travel to Jharkhand when winter sets in so the state sees maximum travellers from October to February. Since this becomes an expensive affair due to higher flight prices, budget travellers must avoid travelling during this time. March is the beginning of the off-season for Jharkhand tourism and that means you get cheaper tickets, lesser crowds and more local interactions in the state! If you intend to explore the state fully and stay for more days, it makes sense to go during spring.

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3. Dense forests help ensure pleasant weather

One of Jharkhand tourism’s biggest treasures is the massive forest cover. If you love exploring forests and love greenery, Jharkhand must be on your list. While most of the Indian states, get pretty warm and humid in spring, Jharkhand’s dense forests help maintain the temperatures. This means you get to witness flora in full bloom and in the ideal temperature. Since the forests offer great trails and a wide variety of vegetation, visiting the state in spring is indeed a great idea!

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4. Witness the cultural beauty of the state during Sarhul

If you’re a culture nerd who loves exploring tribal festivals, you’re in luck! One of the most popular festivals in Jharkhand is Sarhul, which will take place on 28th March 2020. Sarhul means worship of trees. It is celebrated by the Oraon, the Munda and the Ho tribes. Sarhul celebrates the advent of the spring season or “Phaagun” and is celebrated till the month of June or “Jeth”. The celebration begins when the Saal trees blossoms with flowers in Spring. Traditional drums, dhols, etc are played and the boys carry the Pahan on their shoulders and girls dance ahead taking the boy to his house, where his wife awaits him. Those who wish to have an immersive experience must head to Chhota Nagpur in Jharkhand.

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5. Kundri Mela

The tribes of Jharkhand believe in a close relationship between man and nature. Since the cattle fairs of Jharkhand are exceptionally famous, you must experience a cattle fair in order to get a taste of Jharkhand tourism. One of the most loved fairs of the state is Kundri Mela, in Chatra district, which is held in the month of April. While the main attraction of Kundri Mela is traders dressing their cattle in colourful attire,other attractions include tribal dance performances, folk music performances and sporting events.

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While you can visit Jharkhand anytime, these reasons make Jharkhand a great place to travel to during spring. If you enjoy offbeat destinations, cultural and natural beauty, Jharkhand is the place you must visit. Since planning a holiday to the state requires some time and research, Hire A Scout to ensure that you have a a smooth holiday.

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5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Jharkhand in the Season of Spring
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