From Guwahati to Kaziranga to spot the rhinos

by Aparajita Mitra
kaziranga national park, guwahati to kaziranga

Arguably the most popular conservation effort in all of India, the Kaziranga National Park is the lush green habitat to the one-horned rhinos. The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and is currently home to about 2400+ rhinoceroses. The vast sanctuary filled with tall elephant grass and dense forest is also crisscrossed by major rivers. Located on the edge of the Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot, it is surrounded by plantations of the famous Assam tea. A road trip from Guwahati to Kaziranga is a great way to make the most of your trip to Assam.

Guwahati in a Day

Irrespective of how you arrive into Guwahati, the city will fascinate you right from the start. If you are on the ScoutMyTrip Rhyme with Rhinos package, you could bask in the old-worldly charm of a 100-year-old Assam Heritage Home. The Heritage home would give you a peek into the rich culture of the Assamese locals. You must sample the delectable local cuisine with a sumptuous Assamese thali.

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple

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A leisurely day spent exploring the city is the perfect precursor to the road trip from Guwahati to Kaziranga National Park. You can visit the many temples the city is famous or, like Kamakhya Temple and Umananda Temple. Or you could go on a day trip to Chandubi Lake. Another interesting thing to do is to walk along the Brahmaputra or go on a river cruise.

Guwahati to Kaziranga National Park

The road trip from Guwahati to Kaziranga should start at daybreak so that you can see the beautiful scenery on the way. The picturesque route and small towns will give you many opportunities to click Instaworthy images. After the four hour drive from Guwahati, you arrive at the gates of Kaziranga National Park.

Kaziranga National Park

Elephant Safari in Kaziranga National Park

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You can immediately go on a Jungle Safari to the Central Range, to see the star attraction of the Kaziranga National Park, the one-horned Rhino. You will also run into the swamped deer, Asiatic water buffalos, elephants, and even tigers if you are lucky. The tigers are difficult to spot thanks to the tall elephant grass. The wildlife sanctuary is also home to many migratory birds, which attracts many ornithologists. You will also find the largest snakes in the world, including the King cobra here.

Spend the later part of the day, exploring the nearby Heritage Village. Mingle with the locals and learn more about the local culture and lifestyle. This is actually a great time to dispel all the myths you have heard about life in Northeast India. You can spend the evening, relaxing with your loved ones and resting after a long day,

One Horned Rhino in Kaziranga National Park

One Horned Rhino in Kaziranga National Park

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Make the most of your day at Kaziranga National Park

Wake up early to catch a beautiful sunrise in the wild. It’s a great time to observe the wildlife up close at the Eastern Range of Kaziranga National Park. The animals are seen near the watering holes and the overall atmosphere is very inviting.  With wetlands, grasslands, woodlands, and highlands all around it,  Kaziranga is a very unique place. You will be awestruck with the diversity of flora and fauna you find here. Also, the fabulous management of the conservation will leave you impressed. It definitely makes you want to make your entire road trip more eco-friendly.

Although you have spent a lot of time on the safari, you actually yearn for more. The appeal of the simple life and serene atmosphere captivates you. Once you have visited the North-east part of the country, you will want to come back for more. You should explore the different states and amazing places it has in store for you. You may want to go onwards to a trip to Meghalaya. Or check out Tawang and Chandubi Lake while you are there.

The beauty of Kaziranga is far beyond the words in this article and cannot be fathomed unless experienced. Please do share your holiday experiences with us on the Community Forums!

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