Ladakh Trekking and Adventure: A Must Do List

by Aparajita Mitra
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Ladakh is the best holiday destination for the adventure enthusiasts. The  lofty mountains, massive lakes, deep valleys, gorgeous trails and rugged terrain have created the best platform to experience number of adrenaline pumping activities. In this post we list out the best Ladakh Trekking and Ladakh adventure spots! We advise you respect mother nature, Ladakh and its people when partaking in the Ladakh adventure!

Ladakh Adventure: River rafting in the cold waters of Ladakh

Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh Adventure

Zanskar river rafting

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The white waters of the Indus and Zanskar rivers both offer a range of rafting options of varied difficulty level. It is an activity for hardcore adventure sports enthusiast as the waters are quite freezing even during summer months!

Ladakh Trekking

Ladakh is sandwiched between the mighty mountain ranges of Himalayas in the South and the Karakoram in the North, making it an attractive destination for mountaineers. The most popular peaks in the region are Stok Kangri, Kang Yatse, Mentok Kangri, Chamsher & Lingser Kangri. The best time to explore the mountains is June to September and some of these mountain peaks need special permits from the Indian govt.

Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh Adventure

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Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh AdventureImage Source

The altitude at Ladakh ranges between 2750 – 7672 meters, above sea level. There is huge variation in the landscape comprising of hilly terrain, rocky cliffs, lush grasslands and formidable peaks. Ladakh Trekking is the best way to explore the beautiful region with its quaint villages, many monasteries and remote settlements. Some of the popular Ladakh trekking spots are the Markha Valley trek, Spituk to Stok Kangri, Sham Valley trek, Lamayuru to Darcha trek etc.

Ladakh Trekking: Stok Kangri for the experienced Trekker

At 20,500 feet Stok Kangri is the highest trekkable summit in India (6,153 m). Stok Kangri summit truly worth climbing and this Ladakh trekking does not require heavy mountaineering skills. We recommend proper preparation so you can make it to the summit.

Stok Kangri. Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh Adventure

Stok Kangri for Ladakh Trekking enthusiasts.

Ladakh Trekking: The Chadar Trek over the frozen Zanskar river

Chadar Trek. Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh Adventure

Chadar Trek

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This trek deserves a separate mention for sure. The Chadar trek is a Ladakh trekking route commonly taken by the locals and connects villages deep within the Zanskar valley with Chilling on the way to Leh. It is truly thrilling to walk along and over the frozen Zanskar river with the cold river water gushing below the surface.

Mountain Biking. A Ladakh Adventure

Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh Adventure

Mountain biking in Ladakh

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Though cycling is definitely a fun, eco-friendly way to explore Ladakh, it is not the easiest terrain to accomplish. If you really are in for it, you should cycle along the beautiful lakes & rivers or join a mountain biking expedition to Khardung La.

Paragliding from Khardung La. A Ladakh Adventure

Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh Adventure

Paragliding is a Ladakh Adventure!

If you love the skies, then you should definitely try paragliding over the beautiful Ladakh landscape. Take in the fresh air and the vivid colors all around you while you get you adrenaline pumping!

Skiing / Heli Skiing on the Himalayan slopes. A must do Ladakh Adventure

Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh Adventure

Skiing – Khardung la.

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The Gulmarg slopes are famous for both skiing and heli-skiing. You can also enjoy skiing in Ladakh pretty much all year-long, due to the snow-capped mountains and high slopes.

Camel Safari in the Nubra Valley. A Ladakh adventure for everyone

Ladakh Trekking. Ladakh AdventureImage Source

Ride the double humped Bactrian Camels at the sand dunes of Hunder. It is an experience that most people do not know they can experience in Ladakh, but it’s a spectacular way to take in the breathtaking terrain along the Shyok and Nubra River.

Catch an exciting game of Ice Hockey

Imagine a open air rink made of natural ice, overlooked by the 1,000-year-old Spituk monastery with the long lines of prayer flags visible from the wooden player benches. This is where you can enjoy a thrilling game of Ice Hockey. If you in town during one of the international tournaments, you could also meet the European players competing at the rink

Watch a Polo game at the highest altitudes

Polo played in Ladakh is slightly different from the ones played according to the international rules. It is played on barren land and is much more furious than the actual game. You could definitely catch a game during the Ladakh Festival, which is held every year. It aims at giving the authentic Ladakhi village summer life to the tourists with local games, folk music & dance, traditional art, local drama and traditional cuisines all available at this festival.

You might also want to check the places to see in Ladakh if you are on a Ladakh tour. Ladakh has some festivals to offer too. Check this list of festivals in June.

If you are an adventure junkie then you need to experience the activities mentioned above. If you have already visited Ladakh here is a list 5 hill stations you can visit.

Start planning your trip to Ladakh with ScoutMyTrip and chat with us and we will assist you with the itinerary and preparation. Or you could hit the road by learning how to use our road trip planner.

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