Long Weekends in 2020: The Holiday Calendar

It’s never too early to start planning your travel. Having said that, for road trips you get more days of fun on the road and few more days where ever the roads take you! So, let’s start planning our future road trips with the help of this definitive 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar.

Just for your information, we’ve done this for three years now starting with 2017, 2018, 2019. Finally, we’ve finally got down to do it for 2020! Since we have worked on this calendar in great detail, we decided to release it well in advance. This is just so that all of us have an idea of the holidays in the next year in the definitive 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar.

Furthermore, there are 12 long weekends in 2020 for India! If we specify states, you can add more to the list. But let’s not delay and instead let’s take you to our list of holidays and long weekends in 2020 in India. The Definitive 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar for India is everything you need right now! (Please feel free to add any more adjectives!)

Long Weekends in 2020

To begin with, let’s talk about new years celebrations…NOT. You are on your own for this one! New years is right in the middle of the week. And unless you have a great boss, a chilled out job or are working for a startup like ScoutMyTrip – be prepared to sit with a cup of tea and Netflix on a Tuesday evening. However, you can still make things better for the weekend! Check out this post which gives you some ideas for making the most of long weekends.

Moreover, you know the best part about December 2020 is that after many years we are getting four solid days to celebrate new years! Isn’t that great news? Let’s go on to find more weekends for us plan our road trips to.

1. January 2020 Long Weekend Calendar

January 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

For Mizoram, Haryana and Rajasthan only

1st January – Wednesday – New Year’s Day (Arunachal, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Rajasthan, Sikkim & TN)
2nd January – Thursday – Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti (Haryana, Rajasthan), New Year Leave (Mizoram)
3rd January – Friday – Take Leave
4th January – Saturday
5th January – Saturday

For Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry

15 January – Wednesday – Pongal (Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry)
16 January – Thursday – Kanuma Panduga (Andhra Pradesh)
16 January – Thursday – Thiruvalluvar Day (Tamil Nadu)
17 January – Friday – Uzhavar Thirunal (Pondicherry)
18th January – Saturday
19th January – Saturday

For Odisha, Tripura and West Bengal

23 January Thursday Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti (Odisha, Tripura& West Bengal)
24th January – Friday – Take Leave
25 January – Saturday
26 January – Sunday Republic Day

For Haryana, Odisha, Punjab, Tripura & West Bengal

30 January – Thursday – Vasant Panchami
31st January – Friday – Take Leave
1st February – Saturday
2nd February – Sunday

2. February 2020 Long weekends

February 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

20th February – Thursday – State Day (Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram) or Take Leave for rest of India
21 February Friday – Maha Shivaratri
22nd February – Saturday
23rd February – Sunday

3. March Long weekends in 2020

For Odisha or Uttar Pradesh

5th March – Thursday – Panchayatiraj Divas (Odisha)
6th March – Friday – Take Leave
7th March – Saturday
8th March – Sunday
9th March – Monday – Hazrat Ali Jayanti (Uttar Pradesh) – Take Leave (for Odisha)
10th March – Holi

For rest of India

7th March – Saturday
8th March – Sunday
9th March – Monday – Take Leave
10th March – Holi

4. April 2020 Long Weekend Calendar

April 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

2nd April – Thursday – Ram Navami
3rd April – Friday – Take Leave
4th April – Saturday
5th April – Sunday
6th April – Monday – Mahavir Jayanti

10th April – Friday – Good Friday
11th April Saturday
12th April Sunday
13th April Monday – Take Leave – Bohag Bihu Holiday (Assam), Vaisakh (Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir & Punjab)
14 April Tue Dr Ambedkar Jayanti

5. May 2020 long Weekend Calendar

May 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

1st May – Friday – Labour Day
2nd May – Saturday
3rd May – Sunday

For Most Indian States

7 May – Thursday – Buddha Purnima – Most Indian States
8 May – Friday – Take Leave – Guru Rabindranath Jayanti – (Tripura & West Bengal)
9th May – Saturday
10th May – Sunday

For Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan

23rd May – Saturday
24th May – Sunday
25th May Monday – Idul Fitr Holiday (Telangana), Maharana Pratap Jayanti (Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan)

6. June 2020 long weekends

June 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

For Chattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab

5th June – Friday – Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti
6th June – Saturday
7th June – Sunday

For Odisha and Mizoram

13th June – Saturday
14th June – Sunday
15th June – Monday – Raja Sankranti (Odisha), YMA Day (Mizoram)

For Odisha

20th June – Saturday
21st June – Sunday
22nd June – Monday – Take Leave
23 June Tuesday – Ratha Yathra (Odisha)

For Mizoram

27th June – Saturday
28th June – Sunday
29th June – Monday – Take Leave
30th June Tuesday – Remna Ni  (Mizoram)

7. July 2020 long weekends

July 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

For Mizoram

4th July – Saturday
5th July – Sunday
6 July Monday – MHIP Day – Mizoram

For Sikkim and Jammu Kashmir

11th July – Saturday
12th July – Sunday
13th July – Monday Bhanu Jayanti (Sikkim), Martyrs’ Day (Jammu and Kashmir)

For those in Haryana

23rd July – Thursday – Haryali Teej
24th July – Friday – Take Leave
25th July – Saturday
26th July – Sunday

8. August 2020 long Weekend Calendar

August 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

For all Indian States

31st July – Friday – Bakrid / Eid al Adha
1st August – Saturday
2nd August – Sunday

For Odisha, Chattisgarh, Daman Diu, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan

31st July – Friday – Bakrid / Eid al Adha
1st August – Saturday
2nd August – Sunday
3rd August – Monday – Jhulan Purnima (Odisha), Raksha Bandhan (Chattisgarh, Daman Diu, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan)

For all Indian states

8th August – Saturday
9th August – Sunday
10th August – Monday – Take Leave
11 August Tuesday Janmashtami

For Gujarat and Maharashtra

15th August – Saturday
16th August – Sunday
17 August –  Monday – Parsi New Year

9. September long weekends in 2020

September 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

For those Karnataka, Odisha, Tripura and West Bengal

17th September – Thursday – Mahalaya Amavasye
18th September – Friday – Take Leave
19th September – Saturday
20th September – Sunday

10. October 2020 Long Weekend Calendar

October 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

2nd October – Friday – Gandhi Jayanti
3rd October – Saturday
4th October – Sunday

24th October – Saturday
25th October – Sunday
26th October – Monday – Vijaya Dashami (National except Manipur & Pondicherry)

For most Indian States

30th October – Friday – Eid-e-Milad (National except AN, AR, AS, BR, CH, GA, HP, MN, ML, MZ, PB, SK & WB)
31st October – Saturday
1st November – Sunday

11. November 2020 long weekends

November 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

28th November – Saturday
29th November – Sunday
30 November – Monday – Guru Nanak Jayanti

12. December 2020 long Weekend Calendar

December 2020 Long Weekend Holiday Calendar

25th December – Friday – Christmas
26th December – Saturday
27th December – Sunday

31st December Thursday – New Year’s Eve
1st January 2021 – Friday – Take Leave
2nd January 2021 – Saturday
3rd January 2021 – Sunday

Download the 2020 long weekend holiday calendar in PDF

Note about our methodology
  • We mention state holidays mostly if its more than 3 days of consecutive leaves.
  • In some cases we have considered a state holiday for a three day long weekend. It is where there are multiple states that can benefit from this.
  • Moreover, National holidays are shown only if they can be a potential long weekend

To plan your holidays from the 2020 long weekend holiday calendar, we’d really suggest you Hire a Scout. Scouts are travel experts sitting in various parts of the country who know the place at the back of their hands. For your next road trip, hire an expert instead of speaking to a gazillion people or for that matter going through a billion websites. You know what’s even better? It is the fact that scouts guide you virtually for the entire trip! Which means that you always have someone to guide you. So say no to call centres, IVR – when you can talk to a real human, a friend and your virtual companion! Hire a Scout today! 

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