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When a concept as brilliant as a Road Trip Planner is coming together, why not know a little more about the people who are making this happen. It takes two to clap and in this case, it took THREE! Learn a little more about this Trio of ScoutMyTrip, below

Meet the Musketeers of ScoutMyTrip

Hi, I am Deepak!

I love driving. Put me behind a motorized vehicle, I am going to show you the widest smile you can ever see. Over the past decade and half, I have loved taking myself to the various nooks and crannies of this country, interacting with the people, eating the local cuisine, creating memories through pictures and just plain roaming the country side.

My rides are Theia – my bike and Lucifer – my car and both of them vie equally for my attention. My ideal holiday would involve rains, nature, long winding roads, mouthwatering food and absolute strangers to share a drink and story with!

I have been a corporate honcho for a very very long time and after planning for leaves for over 20 years, I finally decided to leave and plan the next road trip!

Deepak Ananth, ScoutMyTrip

I am a happy man when I get my street food first

Hi, I am Neeraj!

Born in Samastipur (Small sleepy town in Bihar), 12th from Samastipur, graduations from Hyderabad (kya miyan! ye kya boltain tum!!) and post grads from Delhi (Re Chhore! Ke baat ho gayee se? Kyun ghana baawla ho rya se?). Aspired to be a lawyer then a wannabe doctor, then a politician, then again a lawyer, however finally ended up becoming an IT Engineer! Strange? Indeed!

Father was an officer in railways and hence traveled a lot, especially to South India during my childhood (still remember spending 1 full and half day in Coromandel Express, running around in the interconnected bogies). Guess I was destined to travel…

First vehicle that I purchased on my own – Scorpio Lx CRDe in November 2007 – the 2600 Cc beast which is still with me. A strange thing about my tryst with my Scorpio is that I learnt to drive it after I purchased it! I couldn’t drive it till about 7 months after I had purchased it, I was afraid that I would scratch it somewhere. My brother started teaching me how to drive in the wee hours of the night every day for a month.

During this time, it once so happened that my leave didn’t get approved in time to get the rail reservation for my hometown (Samastipur) in 2008. I asked my wife if she was willing to risk her life with me visiting our native place in the Scorpio! Hardly having driven for over 200 kms in all, most of which was with my brother when he was teaching me – my wife took the blind leap of faith and agreed for about a 2500 kms drive. And the rest as they say is history! Visit to home on the Scorpio has become a bi-annual ritual now!

Neeraj Sinha, ScoutMyTrip

This drive ignited a passion and since then if I’ve been on a vehicle, it has been only on the driving seat.

Have recently upgraded by ride from an Arthropod to a Bull (ok, bad analogy) – I just started riding a RE Thunderbird 500 named “Toothless” (Yep! That cute Night Fury from How to Train your Dragon) 😀

To sum it all, I am an IT person by profession, an aspiring farmer, a techie nerd by expertise, a philosopher by thoughts, an atheist who worships his parents, a traveler who enjoys the journey more than the destination, a responsible but never a reckless driver, a father who dotes on his daughter, but still a nomad at heart who has a firm belief that Homo Sapiens as foragers and hunters were the best, a nature lover, a true yayawar in the making…

Hi, I am Vineet!

I have been on the travel circuit for around 10 years now. Only now have I finally come to terms that a road trip can be enjoyed on four wheels too, but only as a downgrade from two wheels. Bloody cagers, I used to call them in cars. I call my bike ‘Laetitia’, named after the French actress Laetitia Casta but the PG version of inspiration is the Greek Goddess of happiness. There was a time when I could eat my way around town and still be asking for more, but that’s the only part of aging I don’t like. Just can’t eat myself silly anymore.

My traveling style has evolved over the years. While it was all hard riding and pushing myself to the limits, I’ve learned to stop and look at the flowers, breathe the fresh air from the mustard farms, get talkative with a dhabha owner and just stop by the cliff to rethink life.

I find photography during rides too distracting and never get the point of looking through a lens when you can live the moment.

Not liking the vegetarian food.

Not liking the vegetarian food.

I started writing when I was a kid. The short stories were all inspired by Ram Waaerkar’s illustrations in Tinkle comics. I started a magazine in engineering college called – CRAP. It wasn’t all crap but that’s the closest I got to publishing a physical magazine. I eventually started blogging and which also led to becoming part of the founding team of IndiBlogger. The wanderer in me and the wanderlust eventually got the better of me and now here I am.

The ScoutMyTrip team

From left: Neeraj, Vineet and Deepak

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