Monsoon travel and how to prepare for a road trip during monsoon

by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala
Road trip during monsoon, Monsoon travel

A  road trip during monsoon is all things fun and picturesque, but it also does have its own pros and cons. Monsoon travel can be as much of a headache as they are bliss. And so, you need some tips and measures to abide by!

One of the most unpredictable seasons, a road trip during monsoon needs adequate attention and care. You must follow certain things in order to keep up with your monsoon travel. You obviously signed up for monsoon travel because you love rains, isn’t it?  But the question is, are you ready to deal with what it brings along with it? And, to help you keep up with a road trip during monsoon, here’s our travel guide!

Be smart with what you carry!

Be prepped well enough, for the rains will come unannounced. The things to carry during a monsoon trip will include all that is water-proofed for starters. Things that you must carry include more than just an umbrella and a raincoat! Make sure to carry with you, a pair of rain boots, because you’ll not want to miss out on trekking your way, would you? Additionally, carry mosquito repellents, some silica gel for the gadgets, and clothes that dry off soon.

Road trip during monsoon

Carry clothes that are dark in colour, shorts/pants that are down to the knee and may be comfortable dresses for the females. Talking about females, if your makeup is at all a concern, then you need to waterproof that too! First aid is another must not only for a road trip during monsoon but for road trips in general. Have a couple of spare water-proof bags, plastic cases, and a hair-dryer to help you dry not just hair but clothes too if need be! Powerbanks, torch,  and a couple of batteries are another must haves for the trip.

Know your way, and keep a check on your car!

Monsoon travel, especially if it is a road trip does require certain safety measures. And, among the so many things that one must keep in mind while on a road trip during monsoon, knowing your way is amongst the first. Additionally, have your car serviced and checked, don’t over speed, and make sure you avoid driving during a too heavy downpour. Since we are talking safety, it is also important to have emergency numbers handy, and sufficient food at hand in times of any crisis that might hit. Risk nothing if it is safety that is at hand!

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Expect delays and stay updated

plan your monsoon travel

While you may be eventually going on a road trip during monsoon, you might have to fly, or travel before you actually hit it off. You ought to remain calm and be prepared for occasional delays given the unpredictability of monsoon travel. It could as well happen that your travel schedule goes for a toss, and to meet with that, you need to stay updated with what is going on. Your travel must be planned well, and also, the what ifs must be considered well beforehand.

Food and eating habits!

A change of weather can lead to major health problems, and hence, avoid eating too much of outside food. Since obviously, you can’t carry everything all the time and everywhere, carry enough. Make sure to be careful about what you eat and the water your drink. Monsoons make you prone to diseases, which is why you need to take extra care of your health. And, that means keeping a check on what you eat and from where you do! Additionally, carry something to much upon and some water all the time. If you are wondering why then that’s cause you wouldn’t know when would a jam come in or just how long would it be until you’re at where you need to be.

Select your destination wisely!

You are on your way to a road trip during monsoon, and the idea does seem appealing in fact. But, you wouldn’t like it if you are not fond of rains quite too much. Yes, there are places and spots that wouldn’t look anywhere close to how beautiful they are if not on your monsoon travel! But, what good would it be if you can’t enjoy it? So, do your research, know the place and keep up to date with the weather reports. The better you know before zeroing down on your destination, the better will your monsoon travel be!

Monsoon travel is considered to be a not so favorable idea, leave along a road trip during monsoon. However, there is nothing that can take away the pleasure of going on a road trip during monsoon! So, be ready to drive your way through the woods, or the hills or by the beaches and let the wind in on your hair!

And so, for the love of monsoon travel and road tripping, all you ought to do is follow our guide! You do it, and rest assured that your road trip during monsoon would turn out be like no other!

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