5 offbeat places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the second-largest state in the country with countless monuments, temples, forts and handicraft market. Because of the MP Tourism ads, everyone now knows that the list of tourist places in MP really overflows. That it is truly Hindustan ka Dil or the Heart of India. No matter which city you start your road trip from, you will find many incredible places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.  Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain, Sanchi, Khajuraho are just some of them. Furthermore, 30% of the state is under forest cover which makes it a mecca of hidden gems and offbeat experiences.

You must read about the National Parks in MP and the many interesting things you can do around the state. These are some amazing offbeat experiences that ScoutMyTrip has curated in collaboration with our partners.

Trails of Vindhyas

The Vindhyas have been the setting of many mythological tales and legends. It also has geographical significance because it is traditionally considered to be the divide between North and South India. So when you head on a road trip to one of the legendary places to visit in Madhya Pradesh, try and remember these tales. The Vindhyachal forests are an important ecotourism hub now. There are beautiful waterfalls, exploratory nature trails and crisscrossing rivers. You can spend a fabulous night with your loved ones, under a billion stars, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Adventure sports, camping, barbecue nights, all in the serene surroundings of the Vindhyachal forests!

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Queen of Satpuras

Pachmarhi, the Queen of Satpuras, is the only hill station and one of the popular tourist places in MP. Nestled in the mountains, surrounded by waterfalls and green valleys, it attracts a lot of travelers. Now imagine camping in this piece of heaven. You would only emerge from the campsite to visit Dhoopgarh, the highest point in Madhya Pradesh and admire the sights from there. Also, experience the mystical charm of Chauragarh and Mahadev Mandir, visited my thousands on devotees on Shivratri.  The one place you must not miss is the legendary Panch Pandav caves. These are 5 caves are believed to be more than 1000 years old and it features in the incredible places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

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Crown Jewel of Satpuras

Think of a place, unmarked and untarnished by human contact, nestled amidst the protective foothills of Satpuras. It does not get more offbeat than this. Lush greenery, fresh clean air and the heady aroma from the nearby coffee plantations, the sensory upheaval will rejuvenate you. Explore perennial waterfalls, dense forests, rocky pathways, and many many hills. The century-old local colonial guest house simply adds to the whole experience and makes it that much richer. If you have wanted to try digital detox and failed, travel to the Crown Jewel of Satpuras, away from the usual tourist places in MP. You will not regret it. Read more about this place here

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Lost World of Patalkot

The most noteworthy attraction in Patalkot is the deep gorge, which is considered by many to be the same as the height of Empire State Building. This fact is unverifiable but it does intrigue travelers. Also, it helps that the place derives its name from ‘Patal‘ which means very deep. Patalkot may not be one of the popular tourist places in MP, but it is famous for the many medicinal uses of the local flora. The one reason you should visit this place though is the interaction with the Gond and Bharia tribes. You are bound to come back awestruck by their simple lives and the deep bonds they share with nature. Also, you can pitch tents at the edge of a cliff. Now isn’t that interesting?

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Hidden Treasures of Bundelkhand

For history buffs and culture enthusiasts, Bundelkhand should feature in the places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. Known as the stronghold of the Bundela Rajputs and Malwa Sultans, every corner of the Bundelkhandi towns is steeped in nostalgia. Aging monuments, mighty forts, gushing lakes and ancient temples tell stories of a glorious time. You discover stories of the valor and prestige echoing in the many monuments. Khandar Giri, Shahzadi ka Roza, Raja Rani Mahal, Malan Kho, and Bon Ji temple are just some of the many local tourist places in MP. The town calls out to you to go on a Heritage Trail through its lanes and bylanes. Don’t forget to grab a cup of chai at the 150-year-old Bunkai Colony while exploring.

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