Pack perfect for a peppy road trip

Lists are a lifesaver whenever you are planning a trip, be it things to pack, attractions to check out or local specialties to try out. What you pack depends on the destination, time of the year and number of days you are travelling, amongst other things. When you are packing for a road trip though, there are certain essential things you should remember to pack to make your time on the road fun and comfortable.

1.Medical Kit – Besides the usual first aid items like Band Aid, crepe bandage etc., pack specific medicines that your fellow travelers and you might need. Remember to also pack motion sickness meds, anti-allergens, antacids and ORS, for the minor health issues.

Packing for a road trip

Content of First aid kit plasters, bandage and pills

2. Car Emergency Kit – A lot of car companies now provide roadside assistance and there are always repair shops along the Indian highways. It does help to pack an emergency kit with the basic tools, puncture repair kit, car jack and jumping cables, to have them handy in case of an emergency breakdown.

Packing for a road trip

3. Multi-port USB car charger and USB cables – There is nothing worse than discharged phones/tablets when you are on the road, especially when your maps and entertainment are on them. Having USB Cables helps you charge up the electronics on Power Banks and then charge your Power banks while you are in the car.

Packing for a road trip. Carry a USB HUB

4. Wet wipes/Sanitisers/Liquid soap – It’s easy to map rest rooms on your road trip route using ScoutMyTrip. How well-equipped these rest rooms are, is not anybody’s guess. So it would definitely help to carry your own cleaning wipes and soap. It also helps to clean up any spills and messes in the car.

Packing for a road trip

5. Water – It’s necessary to always have enough water bottles in your car. Although mineral water is now available in most roadside stops, do not completely depend on them and keep a tab on the water stock in the car.

6. Snacks – Roadside restaurants and dhabas offer some of the best food experiences. However, it is not always possible to make a pit stop. So make sure you pack enough snacks and drinks and also replenish them when you make stops for food.

Packing for a road trip. Snacks with cheese and peanuts

7. Plastic bags that seal/Shower cap – Good quality plastic bags are useful in keeping humidity and insects out of your eatables, toiletries and other knick-knacks. Shower caps can be used to cover shoes to protect your car interiors from dust & mud your shoes carry in.

8. Plastic Glass, Spoon & Plates – Pack a bag with napkins, paper plates and plastic silverware to make eating on the go easy and less messy. This is especially helpful when travelling with kids and when you are carrying snacks/food from home.

9. Sunscreen/Moisturiser – You will be spending a long time outdoors on a road trip. While it will help you up your dose of Vitamin D, do keep a sunscreen handy in the car. Also the constant air-conditioning in the car may dry your skin, so it helps to keep your skin constantly moisturized.

10. Torch – These days, we tend to depend on the camera torch for help. What you need to carry on a road trip is a high power flashlight fitted with a new set of batteries.

Packing for a road trip, Carry a torch

11. Towels, pillows, bedsheets – During a road trip, you end up spending a lot of time in the car. So it’s best to make yourself as comfortable as possible for the long hours. Also these things prove extremely helpful, in the unforeseen circumstance that you end up sleeping in your car

12. Specs/contact lens – Never forget to pack an extra pair of specs/contact lens, especially if you are driving.

13. Miscellaneous box – When you are on the road, you realise that there are lot of small things that you never thought you might need. Safety pins, paper clips, rubber bands, toothpicks, matchbox/lighter, pens, notepad are just some of those things. You can pack these items into a cookie tin or a medicine box and keep them handy

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