5 Ways to Embark on a Road Trip in Style!

by Sunaina Aiyappa

Part 2: What you need to do before you Embark

Now that we know how to Mark, let us see the ways in which we should prepare to Embark. Yes, planning a trip isn’t the only homework you need to do. Once you Mark a place on your map, you should also try and figure out all the things you would need to do once you Embark.

Here are a few things that you must add to your list when you’re planning your trip. Make sure you strike everything off before you head back.

Embark to create memories

1. The essentials


travel medicine kit

By Red Cross – This image is from the FEMA Photo Library., Public Domain, Link

When you set out on your journey, make a few stops before you head to the destination.  First stop should be to a petrol bunk. Fuel up, check air and get your engine checked for oil, coolant, etc. This will be the main step before you actually Embark. Our planner gives you a list of petrol/diesel bunks on your route so you don’t need to struggle!

Next, go to a chemist and pick up just 5 tablets for each of the following: stomach ache, cold, flu, sprains, and vomiting. Five tablets are the ideal number because we tend to forget these in our box and they probably expire by the time we see them again.

2. Explore the possibilities

planning a trip

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When planning a trip, you may have an itinerary with you but it is also nice to go beyond the plan once in a while. Download the Google Map on your phone in case you haven’t already. Your entire route will be fed into it and you can add features like “points of interest” on it. This will help you explore everything in your vicinity, without wasting much time going in circles.

Hire A Scout

Exploring your choices means having more stories to tell. When you have more stories to tell, you know you’re creating beautiful memories.


3. Click. Click

travel checklist

Following trends like selfies, wefies, elfies are not always a bad idea. Of course, there have been a lot of mishaps with people posing at the edge of the cliff or waterfalls, just for a selfie and then ending up losing their lives. We don’t encourage that! But there’s no harm being innovative. Opt for a more scenic route that will give you enough pictures from your trip!

You don’t necessarily need to invest in a high-end camera. These days even the mobile phones do the trick. More importantly, capture as many moments and landscapes as you can. While I still feel that being THERE and looking at pictures do not compare. But pictures are what you take back from your memorable trip. So create memories for a lifetime and click away.

4. Nom nom the local way.

local cuisine

By Mohans1995Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

When you’re planning a trip, there’s obviously some amount of research that has gone into checking out the hotels, shopping areas, food joints etc. right? When it comes to food, and this I say from experience, PLEASE try out the local cuisine by the 3rd day. Why 3rd day you would ask?

That’s firstly because the day of arrival is definitely tiring and you probably want comfort food by then. Secondly, you’re more adjusted to the place and itinerary so this is the time to experiment. Finally, when you wish to try local food do it in the afternoon for your lunch. Reason being, in case of a tummy bug, you have the whole day to recover before you continue with your plan for the next day. Attempting the local cuisine at night can end up ruining your plan for the next day!

We suggest all the hotels that your route will come across so you can pick from a variety of them.

5. Enjoy your trip

Trip Planning Service

One of the reasons why you’re planning a trip in the first place is to get away from your monotonous life. The second reason would be the need to travel. In either case, what you really need to remember is to ENJOY your trip.  Once you Embark, you must try to go ahead with all that you Mark on your plan. Also, go to the popular local joints, do as the locals do and make some friends. Knowing people in different towns will always help in the long run.

Another thing you could look into is visiting the local post office and asking for their stamps. You could also send out postcards to friends from there which makes it memorable for both.

You can even reach out to our Scouts, who will help you with any information you need! They are region specific so take your pick and wait for them to respond and get back to you with all the information that you require about a place!

So now that you’ll have an idea as to how to go about it, I trust that you can Mark and Embark like a pro. In case there’s any hiccup in your planning, well that’s where we come in! Seek help from our community and we will be more than willing to cater to you! Happy tripping guys.

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