Road Trip Games

by Sunaina Aiyappa
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Road trips are the most fun when you have a packed car. It is an opportunity to get to know more about your family/friends and chat like there’s no tomorrow. Eventually, there is a lull in the conversation and there’s nothing like road trip games to keep up the enthusiasm. It also helps to keep the driver awake.

Here’s a list of all games you can play with friends or family when you are on a road trip!


Road trip games

Antakshari – the National Pastime

‘Antakshari khele?’ This must be one of the most common questions on a road trip. This game needs no explanation because pretty much all of us have played it at some point in our life. This has to be one of the most popular road trip games ever!

21 Questions

This old-fashioned guessing game has one person thinking of a famous person, place or object. The others then ask 21 questions which can only be answered in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, to guess!  If a questioner correctly guesses the answer, they will be the next person to start the round.

road trip games

Charades – the Imitation game

This game tends to leave out the driver but it’s fun for everyone else. You could play the traditional movie version or you could mix it up with new genres. You
could imitate famous personalities or even family/friends who are not on the trip.

Hire A Scout

Would You Rather

This is another of the great road trip games if you the imagination for it. Simply think of two equally strange activities and ask your fellow travelers which one they would prefer to do. For example, ‘Would you rather jump to the future or go back into the past?’  Everyone should put some thought into their response and make up the most bizarre answers.

Fictional Families

This is an excellent game if you love people watching and storytelling. Simply pick a vehicle around you on the road and have everyone take a good look at the occupants. Everyone should then invent backstories for those people. More imaginative the story, higher the chance of the person winning.

road trip games

Never Have I Ever

This is one of those road trip games best played amongst friends. One person in the car makes a simple a statement starting with “Never have I ever…” and anyone who has ever done that action in their life must take a bite of a doughnut or a piece of a chocolate or even sip of a drink. This is a game you can actually carry forward with your favorite drinks, once you have reached your desination.

road trip games

Tic Tac Toe

The X and O game that never goes out of style. This is more a game for children than adults. It also ensure that children spend some time away from their screens. Start a round with your kid and make it fun for them.

road trip games

Spot the Car

What is the one thing that you can most definitely spot on the roads? Cars! Different models, different number plates, different colours. So why not make a game out of that? Guess the models of the cars from far far away, keep a count of the fancy models of the car, tick off the states whose number plates you spot, or just make up a game that works for you and your fellow travelers. This is a game that can be tweaked in a different way, every time you take a trip!

I Spy

One person spies something and announces, ‘I spy’, ending in a clue. Then the others take turns trying to guess the mystery item. ‘I spy with my little eye, something red’ Everyone in the car takes turns to guess what the red item is. That’s the gist of the game. This is a great game for children but it is also something adults could play.

Connect the Dots

The ‘make a box’ game is perfect to keep a child, or even an adult, busy for hours. All you need is paper and pens in different colors.

Loved our list of road trip games but think we missed out on something? Add on to the list and we’ll add them here on this blog post! Planning a road trip and need some help? Check out this post for finding road trips near you.

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Road Trip Games
A road trip is an opportunity to get to know more about your family/friends and chat like there’s no tomorrow. Here are some road trip games you can play.
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