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by Aparajita Mitra
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Winters in India are the best for spending time outdoors with your loved ones. You would be looking out for new venues for a camping trip or picnic. Rajasthan and Goa are some of the common holiday destinations for this season. Also, the Rann Utsav makes Gujarat a great road trip destination during winters. Chandubi Lake, one of the most mesmerizing offbeat places to visit in Assam, is a name that deserves to be on your shortlist. If you have never heard of this marvel of nature or are wondering how to get there, we are here to guide you on how a trip to this magnificent place looks like.

Between Assam and Meghalaya, at the foot of the Garo hills, the Chandubi Lake is the silver lining to come out of the earthquake in Assam in 1897. Just a 50 km drive from Guwahati, the starting point for most places to visit in Assam, the Chandubi Lake is heaven that campers dream of. Encircled by dense forests, tea gardens, and small villages, the Chandubi Lake is the perfect picnic spot in amidst nature.

garo hills

Garo Hills

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The Trip from Guwahati

The road trip to Chandubi is an amazing experience in itself. The Chandubi Lake is easily accessible by road through the National Highway 37.  As you start from Guwahati in the morning, you will pass through hilly roads flanked by dense forests and breathe in the clean mountain air. You can take the direct route to the lake which goes through Mirza or you can take the more scenic route through Rani.

Across the Chandubi Lake and into the Jungle

As soon as that the serene road and the rhythm of the moving car start putting you to sleep, you arrive at the Chandubi lake.  The sight of the mystical lake surrounded by the hills might put you in a trance, but don’t get lost yet! Your journey has just begun. It’s time to hop onto a boat and cross over to the Jungle camp.

You will find boats parked in the middle of the lake, with people fishing. If you are lucky, you might also see herds of elephants chilling at the watering hole. The short boat ride definitely eases you into the quiet natural surroundings that are to be your home for the next couple of days.

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Evenings under the stars

Once you have checked into the Chandubi Jungle camp, you can walk around getting to know the place better. With almost zero mobile connectivity, this is the perfect place for a digital detox. The stay in tents and stilt houses in the camp are designed to make you feel connected to nature. You can spend time exploring the grounds or just going for leisurely stroll by the Chandubi lake. On both evenings, you will be sample the delicious local cuisine around the campfire. Sit around the camp fire with your fellow travelers and enjoy the tribal performances. You will feel the exhaustion of your daily life vanish as you lose yourself into the rejuvenating ambiance.

Chandubi Falls and Nature walks

When the sun-rays hit your face the next morning, you wake up to a beautiful sunrise by the lake. The breathtaking beauty all around you makes you realize why Chandubi Lake features amongst the incredible places to visit in Assam. You will pass through lush green hills as you head towards the Chandubi Falls. The biggest attraction of the nature walk is the visit to the nearby village. You will meet locals and learn more about their culture and way of living. It is quite a delight to observe the simple living of the people, away from the many distractions that are part of urban life.

Chandubi Falls

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The Chandubi Falls and in fact, even the lake is one of the popular places to visit in Assam for birdwatchers. Migratory birds traveling towards the south are a common sight here. Spend time exploring the tea gardens or try your hand at fishing in the lake. A trip to these serene areas is like a gift of time you have given yourself.

There are many amazing places to visit in Assam. Chandubi Lake is just one of them.

Literally meaning where the “sunsets” Chandubi is a stellar example of how less touristy places can be heavenly. The best time to visit the place is winter from November to April. Ecotourism development projects would lead to the discovery of many such untouched places of natural beauty. However, we must try our best to keep these places as pristine as we find it. There are many ways you can make your road trips eco-friendly. In fact, if you like quiet vacations like these, you must check out the road trip to the Jewel of Satpura and Gorgeous Sattal. If you are planning to go to Chandubi Lake, try the ScoutMyTrip package.

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