A Road Trip to Trivandrum: Explore The Evergreen City

by Sunaina Aiyappa

Trivandrum! Well, what do we say about this versatile city? If you want to be left spellbound, you have to take a road trip to Trivandrum. It’s stunningly beautiful, it has interesting history and it has the most magnificent beaches in the country. You will find the most pleasant backwaters where you can relish the pleasant wavy terrain of the splendid Western Ghats. This evergreen city is also one of the best livable cities in the country. What more can you ask from a city?

When you visit Trivandrum, the vast choice of places and experiences will leave you overwhelmed. But we have carefully curated a list of places you can explore when you’re in the city. So, check out these 6 things to do in Trivandrum.

6 things to do on your road trip to Trivandrum

1. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Drive 35 kilometers east from Trivandrum and you will arrive at one of the most beautiful landscapes that you will ever see. The flora and fauna are diverse and it will be absolutely loved by all the wildlife lovers. You can check out the crocodile farm that was set up way back in 1977. This sanctuary is also good for adventure lovers as you can go for several treks from here.

road trip to Trivandrum

Image source : wikimedia

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to Neyyar Dam. It is a must-visit for the tourists visiting the wildlife sanctuary. You can also go for activities like boating and fishing, that are the favourites of the tourists.


2. Pay tribute to many sacred temples

Kerala is also said to be God’s own country. This phrase fits perfectly for Trivandrum more than any other city in Kerala. There are so many famous temples in Trivandrum that it can be an ideal pilgrimage for your family.
The most famous of them all is the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Primarily dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple has beautiful architecture with the fusion of both Kerala and Tamil style architecture.

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Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is another magnificent temple located in Trivandrum. It is dedicated to Goddess Bhagdrakali, a form of goddess Mahakali. Moreover, both these temples are located within a distance of 2 kilometres. You can also visit Pazhavangadi Ganapathi Temple and Karikkakam Chamundi Devi Temple, both of which are equally beautiful.

3. AMAS for all the adventure-lovers

Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports (AMAS) is the quintessential place for all adventure-lovers and adrenaline junkies. Located in Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum, AMAS has myriad of adventurous programs that you can opt for.

road trip to Trivandrum

There is no dearth of activities that you can relish inside the academy. There are vigorous activities like mountaineering, rope climbing, scuba diving and sky diving. But if you are a novice in adventure sports, you don’t have to worry because there are activities like trekking, kayaking, rafting and paragliding also.

Apart from these activities, there are also long term programs in AMAS in trekking, cycling, camping and expeditions.


4. Museums of Trivandrum

Museums are another factor that diversifies the city of Trivandrum. You will find one of the best museums of the country in Trivandrum. From Kerala Science and Technology Museum to Napier Museum and Keralam, Trivandrum is the best place for the history and art enthusiast inside you.

road trip to Trivandrum

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Napier museum is no doubt the most attractive property of them all. The museum is more than 150 years old and to this day, is an architectural masterpiece. It is also host to the splendid Sree Chitra Art Gallery, where you can see one of the greatest works of the 19th century. While visiting this museum, you can also visit one of the oldest zoological parks in the country, which is located on the grounds of the museum.

Keralam is yet another museum of history and heritage which has the most significant exhibits of Indian History. Both of these museums are located within a close distance to each other.

5. The alluring beaches and a lighthouse

Kovalam and its lighthouse tops the list when it comes to beaches in Trivandrum. Whenever you are visiting a city for the first time, you have to visit the mainstream attractions apart from the offbeat ones. Kovalam is that mainstream tourist attraction that you have got to visit while on your road trip to Trivandrum.

road trip to Trivandrum

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There is something quaint about a lighthouse and its rays falling on the seawater at night. You’ve also got to climb the 150-odd stairs of the lighthouse, that is located on top of the Kurumkal Hillock. The view of the beach and the ocean from the top is breath-taking.

Varkala Beach is another magnificent beach, located some 30 kilometers away from Trivandrum. Varkala Beach has a charm of its own, with cliffs adjacent to the sea. It also receives a lesser crowd than Kovalam so it is a better place if you want to spend some quiet time.

6. The charming marketplaces

Trivandrum has one of the most charming markets in Kerala.

road trip to Trivandrum

Image source : Flickr

One of them is Chalai Market, which is the most famous and one of the oldest markets. The market is more than 200 years old and has been diverse since its establishment. From garments to groceries, from jewels to hardware, you name it and the market has it. The 2-kilometer long market street is always bustling with customers, shopkeepers and roadside vendors. You can also savour the street food that is served throughout the marketplace in stalls and tiny shops.

Connemara Market is another prominent market of Trivandrum. Though the market is known for the exotic spices of Kerala, you can also buy groceries and garments in the adjacent Saphalyam Complex. Connemara Market has a historic significance attached to it, along with its landmark arched gate.

So whenever you go on a road trip to Trivandrum, these places must be on your checklist, waiting to be crossed out. If you feel like any other place or experience in Trivandrum deserves to be in this list, do let us know. We love to hear our fellow travelers’ opinion. So, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

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Great blog with awesome photographs. Thank you for the article about Trivandrum. The natural beauty and the traditional cultures of Trivandrum will surely weave lot of good memories. The city is also the home to some excellent sporting zones.


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