ScoutMyTrip Cheat Sheet

ScoutMyTrip Cheat Sheet to use road trip planner effectively

We launched ScoutMyTrip, ultimate road trip planner with one objective – to enable a traveler to hit the road with all the information required. But to make the most of ScoutMyTrip’s planning engine one needs to also fully understand the functionality.

Let’s look at the key features:

  1. Add multiple halts on your route. So if you’re planning a multi day road trip; you can add up to 8 halts between the start and end location.
  2. Find and add essentials: You’ll notice a lot of toilets, petrol pumps and eateries on the map during planning. You need to explicitly add them to your trip to make an itinerary.
  3. Find tourist attractions along the highways: Not just at the destinations, but also on the route. So if you’re doing a Mumbai to Goa road trip; why would you want to miss out on all the lovely forts along the way?
  4. Plan for a return trip: To plan a return trip, you must save the onward journey first. The engine will automatically pick up the start and end locations and start re-mapping.
  5. Find hotels: You will find hotels on the map thanks to our partners and We’ve also tied up with Oyo Rooms with a personal concierge service to help you plan better.
  6. Exporting the itinerary: Once you have made your road trip plan and saved it, you can view and export the complete itinerary. This comes to you as a PDF file which can be carried with you anywhere.

Feel that we are missing out on features for ScoutMyTrip? Let us know in the comment section below!

Arjun Dikshit

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