What is Insider Access?

by Vineet

When I was a kid, my folks had a simple philosophy they put to practice – on me! They would give me freedom but with responsibility. The Insider Access comes from this parenting philosophy that my folks evolved and used on me. It didn’t always lead to the best results but it made me try harder each time. And I contributed in more ways than one in everything we did as a family.

ScoutMyTrip is a complex product. We’re mashing up a lot of things you find on the internet into one single platform. Our team is hard at work, believe me when I say this because I have lost count of the sleepless nights they have put in led by Neeraj Sinha, our Tech Head.

The alpha release of the product is going to allow some basic functionality and we would want the most avid road trippers in India or abroad to try the system out. As an Insider we would be personally interacting with you and trying to make the system better.

ScoutMytrip Insider Access

Just about everyone we spoke to has said they have at one time or the other thought of building an app like this. Now is when they can step up and be part of the journey. Together we can, make the system better and more useful for every road tripper in India.

The Insiders would also be forming the foundation of the community; from where we see it grow like branches on a tree. ScoutMyTrip is a car on a road trip; and every Insider ought to be prepared to take turns to sit behind the wheel and steer the car into the right places.

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We’re at the foundation and we’re inviting you be part of something BIG! Together we can change the way the world road-trips – FOR EVER! Come join us by signing up and don’t forget to share the link with your friends so they can sign up too!

ScoutMytrip Insider Access

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