The #aageseright Road Trip Creator Contest

by Vineet

We bring to you the first ever road trip contest we’re excited to see all the road trips that come up as part of the 15 day contest starting 23rd November!

The prizes up for grabs could sponsor a weekend trip for you too!

Grand prize: Rs. 5000
Highest number of trips created: Rs. 3000
Two Special mentions: Rs. 1000 each

Create road trips and win 10000!

Scout around your home city or anywhere in India for weekend road trips and create it as if you had to do it. So look for tourist places, petrol pumps, and lots more on the road trip planner. The road trip contest is as simple as it can get!

How to participate

Hire A Scout
  1. Create a weekend road trip and save it on our road trip planner. To get started on the planner read this guide.
  2. All road trips created between 23rd November 2016 to 8th December 2016 are automatically eligible.
  3. Share the created road trip on social media with #aageseright and tag us. You can use any social media you’re comfortable with. Just ensure that your posts are public.

Rules and regulations:

  • Weekend road trips up to 4 days anywhere in India.
  • Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged. The one who creates the most number of trips conforming to the rules will win Rs. 3000 in cash!
  • At least 4 ‘Things to do’ on the route/destination.
  • At least one night halt (destination or midway).
  • At least two additions from ‘Essentials’.
  • Trips create between 23rd November 2016 to 8th December 2016 are automatically eligible.
  • Custom trip title. Edit the default trip title so it’s easy to understand for everyone.
  • Social sharing is not mandatory, but will be used as a tie breaker.

Judging criteria and prizes

The judging would be on the basis of the overall quality of the weekend trip created. While your social shares won’t be an absolute criteria, but in the event of a tie we would give preference to the trip with higher social traction (likes, shares etc)

Grand Prize: The weekend trip which is most detailed, meets the minimum criteria. The post must have been shared on social media. More number of days are a plus.

Highest number of trips created: Unlimited number of entries are allowed and encouraged in the contest. The participant with the most number of trips during the specified dates stands to win an additional Rs. 3000.

Special Mentions: Additional prizes for noteworthy road trips created with ScoutMyTrip for the road trip contest.


Cash and taxes: We will be deducting 30% TDS on the cash amount. A PAN Card would be required in which case. In case you want to win the entire amount, we’d be happy to give you shopping vouchers worth the money. So an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 5,000 can buy you a lot of cool things. Or PayTM cash worth Rs. 5,000 etc. These won’t invite TDS which we are obliged to do by law if we give out cash.

Win the entire prize amount: A participant can potentially win all the prizes amounting to Rs. 10,000 (TDS where applicable)

We would be doing only account transfers. No currency notes would be handed over to the respective winners. 

Decision of the judges and ScoutMyTrip would be final

Contest Helpline: +91 70212 65659

Update: Winners will be announced on 22nd December 2016 at 11PM

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