The #aageseright contest winners!

by Vineet
ScoutMyTrip #aageseright contest winner

We hosted our first contest knowing little what we were stepping into. The participation was over whelming. We initially thought we could finish the judging in a week, but by the time we saw all the trips created and went through each one in detail we realized we had a task at hand.

There were too many good road trips created. From long road trips to short ones like Mumbai to Lavasa, there was a touch of wanderlust in all of them.

The judging criteria we have employed:

  1. Quality and effort taken to plan road trips
  2. The practicality of actually under taking the road trip
  3. Choice of destination in case of a tie.
  4. Social media interactions and promotions
  5. The number of trips planned. This was the only winner which was easy to decide.

So here goes…(drum rolls please!)

Winner: Anant Chibber from Mumbai for his road trip to Auli from Gurgaon! He wins a voucher for Rs. 5000!

Hire A Scout
Anant Chibber. Motohood . Contest Winner


Most number of entries with 13 entries: Dheeraj Solanki from Agra who wins a voucher for Rs. 3,000!

Dheeraj Solanka, Agra Enfielders. Contest Winner

For the special mentions, we had initially thought of only two, but we’ve decided to increase them to 5 looking at all the entries which came in. All of them win a voucher worth Rs. 1,000 each!

Shrinidhi Hande from Chennai

Shrinidhi Hande. Travel Blogger. Contest Winner

Harish Nayak from New Delhi

Harish Nayak Bullet Baba. FSRMC. Contest Winner

Dheeraj Solanki from Agra (once again, yes we know!)

Kapil Ricky from Bengaluru

Kapil Ricky . Bangalore Biker. Contest Winner

Baniaikynmaw Shanpru from Shillong

Banny Shillong

We’d like to thank everyone for participating. We had 309 entries to go through; and went through all of them. It was a tough contest to judge, but that is not going to stop us from holding more such contests.

Till then, happy road tripping and keep scouting!

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