Top 12 Festivals In The Month of January

by Ashana Jha

Our nation praises each and every festival with full gusto. India is extremely popular for its celebrations and ceremonies. Consistently, a large number of vacationers visit India to be a part of these celebrations. It is the best time to appreciate fascinating exhibitions, delectable delights, customs, one of a kind shopping and others. By and large, amid a celebration, India turns out to be increasingly wonderful and engaging.

Here is a list of festivals in India in January.

Top 12 Festivals in the month of January

#1. Lohri

This festival marks the beginning of the harvest season across the Northern parts of India. It connotes the end of winter and entry of hotter days. People in India celebrate this festival by dancing around the large bonfire followed by great food and deserts. If you’re arranging your visit to India, ensure you get the chance to attempt all the great sustenance in this celebration!


Source: Avenue Mail

When: 13th January

Where: All of North India

What’s Special: People wear new garments, and welcome the hotter days by illuminating the bonfire and taking rounds around it. Popcorn, Gajak, and Revdi are enjoyed with the friends and family over the Dhol beats.

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#2. Republic Day

One of the national celebrations of India, Republic Day is celebrated each year to recognize the Constitution of India established in 1950. The breathtaking Republic Day march that walks down to the focal Rajpath road highlighting the three divisions of the Defence (Army, Navy and Air Force) is a sight worth seeing.

Republic Day

Source: India Today

When: 26th January

Where: New Delhi

What’s Special: The Republic Day march, conventional march, and helicopters flying in the sky are the primary attractions of the celebration.

#3. Pongal

Celebrated down south, Pongal is one such festival in India, which somewhat resembles Thanksgiving. Making rangolis (kolam), cooking the Pongal dish, etc. brings the family together on this occasion. Local people of south India will make you feel at home even more!

Pongal festival

Source: The Hindu

When: 15-16th January

Where: Tamil Nadu

What’s Special: From making vivid kolams in the boulevards to battles between bull and cattle like Jallikattu in Madurai, everything about Pongal is interesting and extraordinary.

#4. Rann Utsav

One thing that increases the magnificence of Rann of Kutch is this desert celebration. It mirrors the way of life and legacy of the area taking care of business through people, music, experience sports, handiworks, which makes it worth attending. While you’re here, you can appreciate both the extravagance and solace by camping it out in the tents set up on the periphery for travelers.

rann utsav


When: first November 2018 – 20 February 2019

Where: Great Rann of Kutch salt desert, Dhordo, Gujarat

What’s Special: During the festival, one gets the opportunity to observe the magnificence of the white Rann and furthermore relish the luscious nearby cooking styles.

#5. Jaipur Literature Festival

In case you’re an admirer of writing, this famous yearly celebration is for you. JLF or Jaipur Lit Fest is one of the best celebrations in January in India, which additionally happens to be an essential writing occasion in Asia. Be prepared to observe the absolute most intriguing pieces at any point composed or delineated by the creators. Lit insane much?

Jaipur Literature Festival


When: 24th to 28th January 2019

Where: Diggi Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan

What’s Special: It offers the ideal chance to meet the prestigious national and global creators, and hear them out, and just for nothing.

#6. Jaisalmer Desert Festival

This is another desert celebration in Rajasthan that fills the city with enchantment. While the extravagantly dressed local people approach and participate in the turban tying rivalry and the mustache rivalry, there are camel races, polo matches, stunt-devils, puppeteers, and performers all around that keep the travelers diverted. It definitely has something in store for everybody around. So bounce in for a wild festival!

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Source: CozyNuk

When: February 17-19, 2019.

Where: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

What’s Special: With a hypnotizing camel march and fun rivalries, this celebration will give you a chance to encounter the brilliant city getting it done.

#7. International Kite Festival

For denoting the festival of Makar Sankranti, this celebration in January invites multitudinous individuals from various states and nations. A million brilliantly hued kites can be seen everywhere throughout the sky from the minute the sun rises and till it sets. Regardless of whether you wish to participate or not, everything you attend at this celebration is a delight in itself.

Kite Festival

Source: Matrubhumi Foundation

When: 6-14th January 2019

Where: Sabarmati River Front, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and in Jaipur, Rajasthan on 14th January

What’s Special: Kite flying, airborne gymnastic performers, kite painting and making rivalries that numerous the energy and fun atmosphere of the event.

#8. Bikaner Camel Festival

A standout amongst the most well-known celebrations in January in India, this festival celebrates and salutes the animal that marks the desert. From enriching endless camels in their best clothing to fun exercises like camel excellence exhibitions, camel races, and camel moving, there’s a great deal to keep you engaged here.

Camel Festival

Source: Couchsurfing

When: 12-13th January 2019

Where: Bikaner, Rajasthan

What’s Special: Of all the stunning rivalries and exhibitions, the camel dance is the real feature of this celebration.

#9. Chennai Music Festival

The Chennai Music Festival is a well known and month long celebration. It is considered as the world’s biggest social occasion since it stages and features the conventional South Indian Carnatic music, dance and different expressions. Also, 1,000 exhibitions happen alongside music related courses, talks, and shows which are engaging.

Chennai Fest


When: Mid December to mid January consistently

Where: Music corridors all over Chennai, Tamil Nadu

What’s Special: This celebration offers a phase to incalculable craftsmen and welcome the customary music and dance of the region.

#10. The Nagaur Fair

Found somewhere in the range of 150 kilometers from Jodhpur, the rustic town of Nagaur in Rajasthan springs up with this celebration. It is an exchanging ground of around 70,000 bullocks, camels, and steeds, offering incredible amusement through people, tug of war rivalries, camel races to name a few. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to discover what this fest has in store for you?

Nagaur Fest

Source: India Holiday

When: 10-13th January, 2019

Where: Nagaur, Rajasthan

What’s Special: Apart from the creature exchanging and rivalries, you can shop your heart out at the conventional handiworks slows down.

#11. Modhera Dance Festival

A yearly dance celebration, Modhera is an absolute necessity go to for everybody. The old eleventh century Sun Temple, which is committed to the Sun God goes about as a stunning scenery for the event. Dancers approach from different states in the nation and make it a vital night for everybody. To observe the huge ability that the nation has in store, this is clearly the place to be!


Source: IndianHoliday

When:19th to 21st January 2019

Where: Modhera, Gujarat

What’s Special: The entire sanctuary is enlightened and acts a ravishing background for the exhibitions that happen all through the night.

#12. Kenduli Mela

Situated around 30 kilometers from Shantiniketan in West Bengal, this is among the numerous January celebrations in India that one must go to once in his or her life. It offers an enrapturing portion of Bengal’s society music where the meandering Baul artists accumulate to perform. Along these lines, a crest into the rich Bengali culture is most likely conceivable at this celebration and we wager you would prefer not to miss this one!

Kenduli Mela


When: 14th-16th January 2019

Where: Kenduli town, West Bengal

What’s Special: Dressed in saffron robes, the Baul performers playing the particular instrument – Ektara, and singing about existence theory is exceptionally inspiring.

There is no uncertainty that these best celebrations put a celebratory beginning to the year,  uniting the different cultures. So for those of you who would like to attend these cultural festivals across India, now is the time to Plan.

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Shrinidhi Hande January 23, 2019 - 6:27 am

Festivals that fall on Saturday/Sunday and deny us an extra day off don’t count… 🙂

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