8 Types Of Travellers You’re Likely To Meet On Trips

by Paripsa Pandya
Types of travellers

Whether it is Bunny’s never-stop attitude from the movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani‘,  to Naina’s idea of savouring a sight without worrying about anything. In ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara‘, it was Hrithik’s obsessive packing to Farhan’s carefree wandering; they all make for different types of travellers. Everyone travels with different interests to fulfil different needs. Some travel for work, some travel to escape work; some travel to hog on delicious food, some travel to obtain a detox; the list is endless.

If you travel frequently, here are some kinds of travellers that you may have often encountered: 

1.The Type-A traveller: 

What would happen if Monica Geller from FRIENDS went on a holiday? This kind of traveller has an original plan designed, a backup plan and a backup plan for the backup plan! In addition to what there is to see and do at any place, this kind of traveller researches about the weather, the etiquette, the food habits, anything and everything they feel they might need. This kind of traveller wakes up early and goes to sleep late so that he/she can maximize on the time at hand. To top it all, when he/she is not travelling, he/she has already planned travel plans for the entire year. 

2.The care-free traveller

If the Type-A traveller is like Monica, Rachel is the personification of the care-free traveller. This person is most likely to book tickets just a couple of days before a trip, start driving without a specific destination in mind and land up in a new destination without any idea about what to see or do. This traveller believes in improvising the travel itinerary with time and enjoys exploring without a plan. 

types of travellers

3.The adrenaline chaser 

You would either find this kind climbing mountains or diving deep into oceans, swimming with manta rays or jumping off a cliff. The adrenaline junkie is someone who always seeks thrill-inducing activities while travelling. For this traveller, it’s the journey that he/she undertakes that matters the most. The avid trekker isn’t satisfied till he/she has had a gruelling hike; the diver cannot just sit idle at the beach. This person will always look for the most exciting adventure activities a destination has to offer. If you’re looking for a wild adventure, trust this traveller to make that happen. 

types of travellers

4.The safe AKA touristy traveller 

This traveller has probably spoken to several people before visiting a place, heard all their recommendations and has received strict instructions on what to avoid. This person will then, in a bid to stay safe, visit a handful of places that have been given a green signal by the people back home or the people online. For this person, safety and to some extent, social approval, hold utmost importance. 

types of travellers

5.The relaxation addict

Did anyone say ‘spa’? Some people tend to travel to rejuvenate themselves and to do absolutely nothing. These travellers will first look at the number of luxury resorts, boutique stays and retreats before finalizing a vacation. These people travel to refresh themselves and enjoy some much needed rest. For them, travel is a form of indulgence, a break from the stress of daily chores. Hence, you will find this traveller investing in luxurious stays and spending most of their time there. 

types of travellers

6.The solo-traveller 

This kind of traveller is often a sub-group of another group of travellers that we commonly identify as ‘backpackers’. This traveller is usually exploring a new place to find inner peace or to discover something new about themselves. This person also travels on a budget most of the time and is often seen staying in hostels, BnBs or couchsurfing. While this person may come to a new place as a solo-traveller, he/she may leave with many friends as he/she mingles quite easily with locals and other travellers. 

7.The business traveller 

This is the workaholic who loves to travel but does not get leaves sanctioned so instead makes the most of business trips. You will find this traveller adding an extra day to a business trip so that he/she can explore a new place; this person will also be spotted enjoying a delicious local meal in between flights. 

types of travellers

8.The experiential traveller 

This breed of travellers is on the rise since the last couple of years. These travellers put more emphasis on experiential travel as opposed to sightseeing. This person is likely to opt for cooking classes with a local, will choose rustic homestays over hotels and will ditch monuments for walking tours or a hot air balloon ride over an old town. This person believes in exploring the vibe of a place through local experiences. 

Types of travellers

Are you the corporate business traveller or are you a carefree vagabond? Are you a resort baby, a sucker for experiences, a Type-A traveller or a mix of all of these? What kind of a traveller are you?


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