5 Reasons You Need To Get Yourself A FASTag Now!

by Myra Naik

Haven’t you been seeing the FASTag mentioned on the news pretty often? In fact, it was recently declared that the FASTag will be made mandatory in a few months for all vehicles. So what exactly are the uses of a FASTag and why should you get it?

Let’s find out!

What exactly is a FASTag?

uses of a FASTag

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The FASTag is essentially a reloadable tag that allows you to pass through toll plazas without having to stop to pay the toll charges by cash. The FASTag allows automatic deduction of the applicable toll charge from a linked prepaid account. The tag works on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Once the tag is activated, it is attached to the windscreen of the vehicle. From thereon, you can go through toll plazas without having to stop, and the charges will be deducted automatically. It is currently functional at 420+ toll plazas across the country. 

Here are the benefits and uses of a FASTag

benefits and uses of a FASTag

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1. Saves time and fuel

Once you get the FASTag you will easily be able to go through all toll plazas without stopping. Toll plaza lines can get really long on many national highways, and it can lead to a huge delay in the journey. Once you get the FASTag, you won’t have to stop at the toll plazas anymore, thus saving time and fuel money.

2. Stay cash free

You don’t need to worry about carrying the exact change in cash for the toll plazas anymore. A cash-free transaction ensures that the exact amount will automatically be deducted from your prepaid tag, thus saving the hassle of carrying different combinations of currency notes and change on a long trip across national and state highways. This alone is one of the best uses of a FASTag.

3. Get cashback benefits

You can get upto 10% cashback (this varies from bank to bank) by using your FASTag while passing through the toll plazas. So less hassle, and more benefits! It’s is clearly a better option than looking for the right amount cash on reaching the plaza, because you get cashback offers too.

4. You can recharge it online

The prepaid card is valid for 5 years, and after that you can just keep recharging it after the initial purchase. The good thing is you can recharge your FASTag online. This can be done via regular bank transaction options like debit card, net banking, NEFT, or credit card.

5. Separate lanes

FASTag users have dedicated lanes for them at toll plazas. So you don’t have to wait in immensely long lines that tend to form at toll plazas, seemingly 24×7. You can breeze right through, as the line for cars with FASTag is much shorter than the other lines.

Separate lanes for fastag

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So these are the main uses of a FASTag, and it’s a great idea to go for it as soon as you can. Maybe it will become a mandatory fixture in all cars very soon, but why not get ahead of the curve and enjoy the many benefits it offers? Have you purchased a FASTag yet? How do you feel about it? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. If you want us to help create a wonderful journey for you, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.

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