Using ScoutMyTrip – A Video Guide

by Vineet
Using ScoutMyTrip

Using ScoutMyTrip while easy as it is, might need some assistance from the guys who built it!

Here are 4 videos we created with my not-so-sexy voice in the background; but they will do the job of explaining how to use ScoutMyTrip. We’ve received a lot of feedback about the product and to be honest it’s good and bad. But we are open to hearing everything from you; and make it truly the ultimate road trip planner. So help us make it work better for you!

Using ScoutMyTrip

Here are the videos we have so far, beginning with how to change your password.

Planning your first road trip: I would recommend you start with short trips to get the hang of the system. Once you’re comfortable you will discover enough hacks to plan circuits, round trips, multi-day trips spanning many days too! All in due course 🙂

There are two ways to find trips on ScoutMyTrip. As the system grows, you will notice more and more trips by users (and roadmatix!).

Hire A Scout

Browse trips created by other travelers.

These are some other resources for you to plan your road trips!

  1. Road Trip Planner Step by Step Guide
  2. ScoutMyTrip Cheat Sheet
  3. Find road trips near me

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