Want To Know What The Scouts Do? Hear It From Scout Rabiah

by Guest Contributor

*This article is written by Rabiah. K about her experience as a Scout. Here she talks about planning her first trip and the challenges that come with it. 

I first found out about ScoutMyTrip the way we find out about most things these days; through social media. However, this was not just another travel blog or website or platitudes. As I started tracking ScoutMyTrip on Instagram, I soon found out about the Scouts program that connects experienced travelers with new people. Both the groups are made to interact with each other in a positive and holistic manner in which the experienced travellers create a trip itinerary for travellers according to their personal needs!

This saves time for the travellers to plan their trip. It also allows them to travel confidently as we believe in giving our customers a road trip experience of a lifetime.

Come check out how the Scouts program works and the trips that I have planned.

Introduction to the Scouts program

I was very impressed with the concept that ScoutMyTrip has newly introduced so, of course, when I saw an opportunity to apply for the Scout Program, I seized upon the opportunity.

Hire a Scout

I received an immediate response on application. After interacting with the team and undergoing an interview, I was part of the Scouts Program. It was truly one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced.

My first trip as a Scout

The first trip that I organised was the “Shakti Trip” that started from New Delhi and ended at Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh. Get the trip itinerary here.

Trip planned by Rabiah for Shakti’s team trip

The group of travelers covered Tirthan Valley, Jibhi, Baga Sarahan, Jhalori Pass, Hatu Peak and Sarahan. It was a beautiful route that was planned out for them by the ScoutMyTrip team.

Although it was well curated, things don’t go exactly as planned. Having said that, whenever the timings shifted or things went slightly haywire, we, the ScoutMyTrip team were readily available to the travellers to sort out any problems that they faced during their road trip. Our collective knowledge about the region and terrain helped us guide the travellers to a great extent hereby giving. them an experience to remember.

Nonetheless, it was an enthralling experience to take the first timers through this beautiful journey. Our team was more than happy to guide and lend a hand thus concluding the trip on a high!

Hire a Scout

If a road trip is on your mind but you don’t know how to go about with the planning part of it? Hire a Scout! We offer customized itineraries for you along with providing virtual assistance throughout your journey. So, do check us out and let us help you with a road trip experience to remember.

Plan like a pro with ScoutMyTrip


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