7 beautiful places to visit in Western Ghats during monsoon

by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala
Places to visit in Western Ghats, Places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra

Road trips and monsoons are anything but the perfect combination, and places to visit in Western Ghats during this season, you’d want to start right away. All the streams that went high and dry, gush with water during the monsoons, and so do waterfalls! And if that weren’t enough, it makes for among the best places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra.

A hotspot for biological diversity, the Western Ghats also make for one of the most beautiful and enchanting monsoons in particular. With mountains and gush of streams all around, there’s no reason why you’d not want to list this down into places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra.

So, let me list down for you a list of places to visit in Western Ghats during monsoon. While there are many places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra, you’d know that they’ve got to find their way through the Western Ghats.

7 places to visit in Western Ghats during monsoons!

1. Igatpuri, Maharashtra

What tops our list of places to visit in Monsoon in Maharashtra is indeed Igatpuri, courtesy it is heavenly abode at this time of the year. With valleys around and greenery like never before, the rains do in fact cast its own charm in here. Located at a height of about 600m from sea level, the cold breezes will have you never wanting to leave this place. Also, it might be monsoons, but the layer of mist that forms is capable of blinding you beyond a few kms!

A road trip here would mean you travel via either Mumbai (116km) or Pune (241km), and race your way through in order to keep up with nature and its offerings!

2. Kakkabe, Karnataka

plan trip to Kakkabe

By No machine-readable author provided. Shyamal assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Talk about places to visit in Western Ghats and the South can’t be missed in any possible way. Situated at the base of the Western Ghats in Southern Coorg, flora and fauna here are a sight to behold. Trek your way up through Mallamma Betta, Kabbe Pass and Soma Male to treat yourself to a picturesque of where the hills of Kerala meet the clouds. Thadiyendamol, the highest peak in Coorg is your try to achieve a goal. If you are looking for monsoon at its best, then pay a visit during September, and be enchanted by the beauty of this place!

The best way to hit it off the road would be from Bangalore and drive your way into Kakkabe which will take about 4-5 hours via the Hunsur – Virajpet route!

3. Munnar, Kerala

travel to Munnar

Munnar needs no special description, because not only is it on our list of must visit places in Western Ghats, but on our list of places to visit in general. A road trip through the hectares of lush green fields, with the rains falling by, some beauty! The kind of aura that the city builds up during monsoon is something that sets it apart from others on the list. Apart from the kind of build up that the season brings in, the wildlife present is always a bonus and a must visit too.

Visit around August and you are sure to never be disappointed. Of what is a journey of about 3 hours, you can take to your road trip via Kochi which is about 126kms.

4.  Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Visit Mahabaleshwar

While there is no doubt that Mahabaleshwar is a place to visit in itself, but what does highlight the journey is a road trip into the city. South of Mumbai, it makes to one of the must-visit places owing to all that it has got to offer. Right from the viewpoints such as Arthurs seat, or the old Pratapgad fort, the city has much more to offer during monsoons. While on the road trip, you’ll come across cliffs, waterfalls and scenic beauty, which makes it to the list of places to visit in Western Ghats!

5. Agumbe, Karnataka

plan a trip to Agumbe

Widely called Cherrapunji of the South, it justifies why it makes to our list of places to visit in the Western Ghats. Agumbe boasts of immaculate rainforests, has the maximum downpour and is just perfectly wonderful. Your road trip from Bangalore to Agumbe is going to fill with scenic beauty, just giving you a sneak peek of what the place as to offer itself.

6. Amboli Ghat, Maharashtra

Road Trip to Amboli Ghat

By Dinesh Valke from Thane, India (… view from Amboli Ghat) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Well, obviously we can’t have enough places to visit in monsoon as far as the Western Ghats are concerned, and so, here’s one more! Located in the Sahyadri mountain range of the Western Ghats, the roads are a trip one must devour. As beautiful as the place is, the waterfalls, the greenery, and the rains are just things that we can describe. But, the real beauty of the place can only be measured by those who visit.

7. Ranni to Idukki, Kerala

Ranni to Idukki

By Shaji0508 (Self-published work by Shaji0508) [CC BY-SA 2.5 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Talk about places to visit in Western Ghats, and Kerala can never stay out of it. While Munnar is more of a typical tourist spot, this stretch of road is paradise. As rightly said, Kerala is indeed God’s own country, and hence, this road trip is your way to heaven on Earth. With forests all around, and the misty gusty wind blowing right into your faces, a road trip here, is indeed heavenly!

Talk about places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra, you’ve got quite a few! Talk about places to visit in Western Ghats, you’ve got‘em all!

Check out the 11 places to visit in monsoon in India for other options to enjoy the monsoon season. The North of India is good region to visit during this time. Places like LadakhSpiti are hot spots to visit during this time of the year. Plan your road trip beforehand and pack properly for your trip.

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